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Why Does Your Face Turn Red When You Drink? 

Adolf Hitler Was a Regular Meth User

Notorious dictators may not be the people we typically associate with methamphetamine, but a report claims that, during World War II, Adolf Hitler regularly took methamphetamines for a variety of ailments, including the drug Pervitin, a precursor to crystal meth. Learn more

Why Do We Twitch Before Falling Asleep? 

Rosetta Stalks Dark Comet in Stunning New Selfie

At a distance of only 10 miles from comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko’s surface, the European Rosetta mission has captured yet another dazzling self portrait with the dark comet lurking in the background. But the orbiter couldn’t have snapped this “selfie” without the help of a little friend — the attached Philae lander that is currently undergoing preparations for its historic comet surface landing in November. Read more

Dive Footage Catches Humpback Whale Taking a Nap

A research dive team called Panga MX caught some amazing footage in Mexico of a humpback whale slumbering straight up-and-down in the water, with its tail facing the surface. Video



Human beings have only been able to drill down a third of the way into Earth’s crust. That’s only about 0.3% of the radius of the Earth. So how we know so much about its internal structure?

In this week’s It’s Okay To Be Smart, you’ll earn why the Earth is organized like an onion filled with sizzling magma and metal as hot as the sun, plus how it got to be that way. You’ll also discover how the leftovers from dying stars and a little bit of density put “life” in Earth’s destiny. 

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PS - My t-shirt game is strong in this one, if I do say so myself.

Cubesats May Hitchhike on Mission to Europa

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, Calif., has selected proposals from 10 universities to begin investigating the possible use of cubesats as auxiliary components to missions to Europa and beyond. Learn more

Why Are Asia’s Glaciers Mysteriously Expanding?

Glaciers around the world are melting, retreating and even vanishing altogether. But in the mountainous Karakoram region of Asia — home to K2, the second-highest peak on Earth — the glaciers aren’t melting. If anything, some are expanding.

Now, scientists have found an explanation for this mysterious glacial stability. While precipitation is increasing across the Himalayas, most of this moisture drops in the summer — except in Karakoram, where snow dominates the scene. More

Do We Love Dogs As Much As Babies? 

Are Chimps Legal Persons? Wait for It…

The case of Tommy the pet chimpanzee goes back to court this week, and a group of judges could decide whether he should be recognized as a “person” under the law. Learn why

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