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World Wide Web Was ‘Born’ 25 Years Ago

There was a time before the Internet when messages were sent through the ‘post’ inside a rudimentary technology known as an ‘envelope,’ cats were safe from international ridicule and social media meant sitting in a coffee shop with a friend discussing a newspaper’s headlines.

For those of you who are old enough to remember those dark, unconnected days, you may remember the sound your computer’s first screaming modem with a pang of nostalgia, as it took an eternity to suck a two-line electronic-mail (a.k.a. “email”) through the telephone lines.

So today, it’s time to celebrate one component of the Internet that has crept its way into almost every facet of our daily lives: the World Wide Web. Read more

Man Gets 3D-Printed Skull

Why yes, we can print you a new body part. A motorcycle accident victim in Wales just had his skull surgically reconstructed by a team that used 3-D technology to print custom implants for him. Read more


A Phantom Drone Captured Video Inside An Erupting Volcano

This is bonkers! Go fullscreen and HD, you’ll FEEL the flying globs of magma.


A Phantom Drone Captured Video Inside An Erupting Volcano

This is bonkers! Go fullscreen and HD, you’ll FEEL the flying globs of magma.

Monster Rare Yellow Hypergiant Star Discovered

A gargantuan star, measuring 1,300 times the size of our sun, has been uncovered 12,000 light-years from Earth — it is one of the ten biggest stars known to exist in our galaxy. The yellow hypergiant even dwarfs the famous stellar heavyweight Betelgeuse by 50 percent. While its hulking mass may be impressive, astronomers have also realized that HR 5171 is a double star with a smaller stellar sibling physically touching the surface of the larger star as they orbit one another. Read more

Hubble Witnesses Mysterious Breakup of Asteroid

Hubble has observed some weird things since it was launched in 1990, but this is probably one of the strangest. Read more

No, it’s not aliens.

Cheesy Afterlife: Lumps of Oldest Cheese Found on Mummies Necks, Chests

The world’s oldest cheese has been found on the necks and chests of perfectly preserved mummies buried in China’s desert sand. Dating back as early as 1615 B.C., the lumps of yellowish organic material have provided direct evidence for the oldest known dairy fermentation method. The individuals were likely buried with the cheese so they could savor it in the afterlife. Read more

Can We Hack Space to Reduce Spacecraft Damage?

The radiation belts around Earth are loaded with dangerous protons and electrons that can damage spacecraft. Now researchers are launching experiments to see if they can clear away the high-energy particles that pose the hazard by blasting them with radio waves.

That will show you, Van Allen!

Kepler’s Alien World Count Skyrockets

Before today, there were 1,000 confirmed exoplanets. Kepler just added 715 more! Read the details about this historic announcement.


Various print ads featuring the Space Shuttle.

mmm so pretty.

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