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Sexsomnia Explained

Solar System’s Water is Older Than the Sun

Next time you’re swimming in the ocean, consider this: part of the water is older than the sun.

So concludes a team of scientists who ran computer models comparing the ratios of hydrogen isotopes over time. Taking into account new insights that the solar nebula had less ionizing radiation than previously thought, the models show that at least some of the water found in the ocean, as well as in comets, meteorites and on the moon, predate the sun’s birth. Read more

Everything You Need To Know About Ebola In Under 3 Minutes 

Chimps Raised as Pets Struggle Later in Life

Chimpanzees that spend their first years as pets or performers pay for that unusual contact with humans much later in life, when they’re placed with other chimpanzees. So argues a new study from Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo. Learn more

Paper Airplane Flies 82 Miles

The plane was made of paper board in the traditional design, with a 14-inch wingspan and total weight of 424 grams.

This Is The Fastest Wi-Fi Yet!

Four-Year-Old Girl Sleepwalks to Nearby Town

Last week a young girl in Norway was found wearing only her underwear and boots three miles from her home after disappearing from her bed. She wasn’t abducted; she walked there in her sleep while dreaming that her home was on fire.

Worst-Case Ebola Prediction: 1.4 Million Cases in Four Months

Dire new estimates show that people who contract the deadly Ebola virus have a 70.8 percent chance of dying — and the disease is on course to spread even more rapidly than ever.

The death rate for those infected with the virus is only one among many grim facts revealed in reports released today in the New England Journal of Medicine and the World Health Organization (WHO), as well as a separate assessment by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Read more

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