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Testicle-Munching Fish: All That Dangerous?

A sharp-toothed, testicle-biting cousin to the piranha has been pulled up by a woman fishing in Lake St. Clair, located near Detroit, Mich. The fish measured around two feet in length and weighed 15 pounds.

The fish is the pacu, a vegetarian who, although it prefers fruits and nuts that drop into the Amazon River and its tributaries, has been known to confuse nuts for human flesh. The pacu caught in Michigan was caught on a hook that was baited with a nightcrawler and catfish.

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Did you know that sperm whales sleep vertically? 


When the ‘Supermoon’ Wowed the World

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How Big Is The Solar System?

A new material has been developed that’s so devoid of reflection, looking at it is like looking into a black hole! 

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Pope Francis Calls Celibacy a 'Problem' : DNews 

Is Texting Ruining Your Grammar?


An orbital sunrise brightens this view of space shuttle Discovery’s vertical stabilizer, orbital maneuvering system (OMS) pods, docking mechanism, remote manipulator system/orbiter boom sensor system (RMS/OBSS) and payload bay photographed by an STS-133 crew member on the shuttle during flight day 12 activities.


This picture looks surreal. It’s beautiful.

Dogs Catch a Wave in Surfing Competition! Photos

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Astronomers have discovered the farthest-flung stars yet known in the Milky Way. The two objects — known as ULAS J0744+25 and ULAS J0015+01 — are about 775,000 and 900,000 light-years from Earth, respectively, making them both about five times more distant than a satellite galaxy known as the Large Magellanic Cloud.

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