pyeroar asked: What is your favourite show in Discovery Channel? :)

Well, how could I even say what my favorite is? But there’s something about Cash Cab. And of course Dirty Jobs. Then there’s Shark Week and Storm Chasers, Man vs. Wild and I loooooved Life. There are too many to really call out.

More important, what is your favorite, Tumblr?

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  1. wieraidenese-idiot said: WELL LET’S SEE~ There’s Stephen Hawking’s Into the Universe, How the Universe Works, (basically anything space-related I figuratively melt over), Planet Earth, Life, Mythbusters, Dirty Jobs, and god knows what else.
  2. littleshoebigshoe said: Mythbusters :)
  3. fractalsaurus said: How could you not include Mythbusters!?
  4. lomonette said: Mythbusters & Cash Cab!
  5. deathconstantbeyondlove said: DESTROYED IN SECONDS! haha.
  6. vinhallen said: Dirty Jobs and Mythbusters : D
  7. willowispschopsticks said: My goal in life is to get on Cash Cab. Seriously.
  8. alternrg said: Cash cab!
  9. swimswambison said: The old ones. When they had documentaries all the time instead of shows following the path of History Channel. Cash Cab and Dirty jobs are cool, but they aren’t what Discovery Channel was when I was a kid and it’s kinda depressing.
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