Olympic Doping Scandal Over Chinese Swimmer Grows

…she swam the final 50 meters of the freestyle leg in 28.93 seconds. That was faster Ryan Lochte, an American swimmer who won the men’s event. During the breaststroke leg, Ye had been trailing American Elizabeth Beisel before unleashing a devastating final kick that was faster than both Lochte and Michael Phelps, who finished fourth in the men’s medley. Her time on Saturday was also seven seconds faster than her own previous best time in the 400 IM last year.

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    If she was coming from a country like South Africa, France or New Zealand it wouldn’t be a big deal. She would be an...
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    what the fuck ever that article is shit. Seriously it is because she beat the MALE team. She passed her drug test, she...
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    She passed her drug test. Leave her alone!
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    Her fucking drug tests came out negative! And apparently they’re going to run them again to “be sure.”
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    There’s no controversy. There’s just bigotry.
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  15. diegoliveros said: get over it….
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    That makes no sense, whatsoever. Just because they have reasons to speculate the doping doesn’t mean they’re only doing...
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    If you’re going to cheat at least don’t get caught… 7 seconds, really!?
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    "It infuriates me that the biggest accusation listed against her in the article, repeated multiple times, is that she...
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    pshhhh I believe mine was 26. something….a one in a life time thing but hey i fucken did it lol
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    I don’t know, does it not concern anyone that their.main argument is that she must be on drugs because it was faster...