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It’s Saturday night! Time to pop by your local trendy bar… and these bars are trendy!

10 Inspiring Restaurant Bars With Modern Flair

via Decoist

Dazzling James Bond Houses That Define Elegance

Bond girls, hi-tech gadgets, fast cars, evil megalomaniacs and more vodka martinis than you can shake a stick at… but what else is in a Bond movie? The stunning architecture and locations, of course! You’ll be sorry you forgot about these awesome pads. I’ll take the round house from Diamonds Are Forever, thanks.


Hydro Power Project

“Hydro Project”, consists of  shots in the construction of dams in Ethiopia and China. Splendid photographs the line between nature and human intervention by photographer Rüdiger Nehmzow.

they’re rather gigantic.

Wait. Bricks from… blood? Why not!

(I’m soooo calling them Hemogloblocks.)

how else are we going to know if you insulation is efficient?

we’ve got to get it in a lab!

"The UK has more than two million terraced homes in the style of this replica." So that should represent a good sample of the house population.. right?


Sustainable cities need sustainable buildings. And sustainable buildings need… lab testing?

i’d like to have a sustainable house, wouldn’t you?


Is the UK home to the world’s most sustainable house?
The house sports micro wind turbines for power, an air-to-water heat pump and a greenhouse that uses LEDs among other green architecture ideas.

Where was it?

Under a parking lot.

Medieval Church Discovered

The hunt for King Richard III’s grave is heating up, with archaeologists announcing that they have located the church where the king was buried in 1485.

These discoveries leave us in no doubt that we are on the site of Leicester’s Franciscan Friary, meaning we have crossed the first significant hurdle of the investigation.

read more…

The Russian museums were my favorite!

Pictured: The Islamic museum in Doha Qatar

(h/t dedicationscore!)


Via Flavorwire:

what better way to store and display some of the world’s greatest artwork than in a structure as well-designed and beautiful as the art itself? Click through to see our picks for the most beautiful museums from all over the world,” 

(via Flavorwire » The 20 Most Beautiful Museums in the World)

Syrian Cultural Sites Damaged by Conflict 

These beautiful pieces of history are being maimed by modern problems. This is so sad.


Cultural monuments throughout Syria, like this mosque in Azaz north of Aleppo, have been damaged by shelling, gunfire, and ongoing violence.

Mark Antony and Cleopatra once visited the column-lined streets of the Roman city Apamea, now located near the modern Syrian city of Hama. This year…

I have an unhealthy obsession with zeppelins. Maybe someday I’ll hitch a ride.


The airship, Los Angeles, hovers near an incomplete Empire State Building. New York, 1930.

(via nondescripthistory)

Saying Goodbye to Detroit’s Mumford High

from the Detroit News:

At more than 60 years old, Mumford High School is a ghost from an architectural past that defined Detroit and many of its public schools.

This once-exquisite Art Deco structure, known for its baby-blue limestone block front and its quirky burgundy, pink and blue tiles inside, has been reduced to a shell of its former self: Peeling paint, broken tiles and a rusted exterior reveal its age and apparent neglect.

Since 1949, Mumford has served more than three generations of students on the northwest side, near Wyoming and McNichols, and has a long list of famed alumni.

They include jazz musician Earl Klugh, Grammy-winning songwriter Allee Willis and film and TV producer Jerry Bruckheimer, whose credits include the “Pirates of the Caribbean” film series and “Beverly Hills Cop,” in which Eddie Murphy’s character Axel Foley is seen wearing a “Mumford Phys Ed Dept.” T-shirt.

Top Photo: Detroit’s Samuel C. Mumford High School is shown in October 1949, the year it opened. The once-exquisite art deco building, which has served more than three generations of students on Detroit’s northwest side, will be demolished in the summer of 2012 to make way for a new school. (Detroit News Archives)

Bottom Photo: Eddie Murphy wears a Mumford T-shirt in “Beverly Hills Cop.” Paramount Pictures.


Designer Ants

via visualamor:

Scientist Mohamed Babu from Mysore, India captured beautiful photos of these translucent ants eating a specially colored liquid sugar. Some of the ants would even move between the food resulting in new color combinations in their stomachs. Read more over on the Daily Mail.

mod ants!

(via poptech)