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We are bacteria. That is all.

Russia Finds ‘New Bacteria’ in Antarctic Lake

Yikes! Have these guys not watched The X-Files?!


The Pink Lake of Senegal

Lake Retba lies just north of the Cap Vert peninsula in Senegal. The coloring, which can change to purple depending on the time of day, is caused by bacteria that thrives in the high-salinity environment. - From Amusing Planet.

Photo by: SPL / Barcroft Media

Ed note: Lake Baikal and more of the weirdest lakes in the world.

the world is just awesome.

(via smithsonianmag)

fun fact: Zoonosis: n, plural (zo·on·o·ses) [-seez, -seez]): Pathology . any disease of animals communicable to humans.


Can Fido Catch Your Flu?

With the flu season ready to hit its usual peak in November, health experts are growing increasingly concerned about people passing illnesses on to their pets.

The deadly H1N1 virus of recent years is of particular concern, with humans more likely to be the carriers and our pets the victims.

"We worry a lot about zoonosis, the transmission of diseases from animals to people, but most people don’t realize that humans can also pass diseases to animals."
Christiane Loehr, Associate Professor, OSU College of Veterinary Medicine

it’s not too ruff

Have We Already Colonized Mars?

To date, a total of a dozen U.S., Soviet, and European spacecraft have landed or crashed on Mars. They were all sterilized before leaving Earth, but were the procedures good enough to wipe out every last stowaway Earth bug?

…and might there now be a Mars coli Colony? The mind boggles…

Creature from the Waste Treatment Lagoon

Flushing unused antibiotics down the toilet is leading to a growing problem of drug-resistant bacteria.

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Are Our Guts In Control?

Microbes in our bellies may be telling us to eat more, determining how much we move and making us anxious.

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Okay, this is kind of genius.

(via ‘Contagion’ bacteria billboard is exactly what it sounds like - The Washington Post)

According to WashPo:

To promote the film, Warner Bros. Canada embraced the film’s theme and created two small billboards made entirely from bacteria.

YouTube video shows the process in which “two large Petri dishes were inoculated with live bacteria including penicillin, mold and pigmented bacteria.”