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Posts tagged Discovery News

Weird Science! The Friday News Quiz

It’s FRIDAY!!! Time to forget work and procrastinate. Why not take a quiz while you’re at it?

Welcome to the brand spanking new Discovery News! The site has literally just relaunched with a ton of new features and an awesome new look. Come on in, but be careful, the paint is still drying… Enjoy!

Reader’s Choice: Favorite Space Story of 2012: Which stories made it into the top 10? Which space event of 2012 did you vote into the #1 spot? Read on…

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Searching for Earhart, Gym Orgasms and UFOs

Trace keeps his pants on in this week’s video roundup of our news but he does represent the D with his Tigers t-shirt this week.

Happy Friday!

Check out the dance moves on our own Trace Dominguez.

And you can follow his fabulous Tumblr here.