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Next week, Discovery News partners with Revision3 to release a new show, DNews!
Here you can watch hosts Anthony Carboni, Laci Green and Discovery News’ own Trace Dominguez introduce themselves and the new YouTube channel!

Tune in every day starting next Wednesday, Dec. 5, at!

Sadly, this means I (Trace) won’t be managing the Tumblr anymore. I’ll miss you all! It’s been some of the most fun I’ve had working at Discovery News! We have a great community! Our space producer, Ian O’Neill will be taking over from here on in. He’s snarky. You’ll like him.

I hope you like the new show! Watch it on and follow us on G+, Facebook, and Twitter!

via trce

In case you missed this somehow, you’re welcome. If you’ve seen it before just watch it again. This is hilarious.

This Horse-Headed Jogger Defies Hurricane Sandy by getting himself out there in the rain this morning. Later in the afternoon his identity was revealed by the Washington Post!

Curious to see where Sandy’s flying? Want to see live cameras of the affected areas or learn more about the storm itself?

Check out the Discovery News Storm Tracker! 

Across the eastern United States, Americans scrambled to stock up on supplies and secure homes as Hurricane Sandy — billed as a superstorm — lumbered north after leaving dozens dead in the Caribbean. 

The center of the so-called Frankenstorm is expected to move over the coast of the Mid-Atlantic states this evening or tonight. “The storm is expected to transition into a frontal or wintertime low pressure system prior to making landfall, though this transition will not be accompanied by a weakening of the system. And in fact, a little strengthening is possible during this process,” reported the National Hurricane Center.

this and lots more in the DNews Storm Tracker…


Sir John Gurdon, Nobel Prize winner, was ‘too stupid’ for science at school

At the age of 15, Prof Sir John Gurdon ranked last out of the 250 boys in his Eton year group at biology, and was in the bottom set in every other science subject.

Sixty-four years later he has been recognised as one of the finest minds of his generation after being awarded the £750,000 annual prize, which he shares with Japanese stem cell researcher Shinya Yamanaka.

Speaking after learning of his award in London on Monday, Sir John revealed that his school report still sits above his desk at the Gurdon Institute in Cambridge, which is named in his honour.

my mom always said grades are important, but they’re not the most important thing.

UPDATE: Red Bull Stratos Broadcasting Launch 

The launch for today has been cancelled due to wind. Baumgartner was in the capsule and ready to launch, but the wind picked up.

The delay is saddening, but due to the size of the balloon, any wind shear could cause issues with the launch. This balloon is three times larger than any balloon ever launched carrying a human. If the balloon is being pulled by the wind, then the capsule could be jerked around, dragged across the pavement (or worse) and Baumgartner could be hurt.

The weather report for tomorrow is questionable.

Discovery News’ first television event!

Today, over the skies of Roswell, N.M., Austrian daredevil Felix Baumgartner will attempt to break the high-altitude freefall record that has held strong for 52 years. The Red Bull Stratos mission will be covered live by Discovery News, Discovery Channel and Velocity. Follow @Discovery_News, @Discovery, @VelocityTV1 and the hashtag #SpaceJumpLIVE on Twitter for live updates and commentary.

"Introducing your home computer’s direct line to The Washington Post"

sounds useful. i wonder if they’d be so excited to send the paper digitally if they knew what would happen.

(via @Pergam on twitter)

Though we won’t be able to go visit the baby panda until after the new year, you might catch a glimpse on the panda cam!

Chinese tradition says to wait 100 days before naming the baby, so keep an eye out for the naming contest in a few months.

Baby Giant Panda Born at D.C. Zoo

Mei Xiang, the mom panda, “is cradling her cub closely, and she looks so tired,” the zoo’s chief veterinarian said in a statement.
Dr. Pierre Comizzoli, the Gamete Biologist who artificially inseminated Mei Xiang told the press, “(Pandas) have a really short breeding season, but we have good techniques now that help us determine when they are ovulating. We were not hopeful because of problems with Mei Xiang in the last few years, but nature is fantastic.”

When asked how he felt about succeeding where the male panda failed, Dr. Comizzoli said, “It’s really satisfying, actually,” which generated a round of laughs.

very exciting!

why can’t i dress like this without getting looks?

he looks so great!


CBS wartime correspondent Edward R. Murrow, Oxford Circus, London, c 1940 

(via collectivehistory-deactivated20)

TWiDN: Cats Make us Healthier, Dogs Too!

Cats (and dogs) are good for humans! Seriously! They help build immunity and help sustain our mental health.

Plus, Trace explains how Amelia Earhart’s plane might be just out of reach on the bottom of the Pacific, and how Earth and Mars both quake with plate tectonics.

or woof…

Playboy Princes Who Got in Trouble

Adding to a long saga of scandal, the United Kingdom’s Prince Harry was photographed naked in a hotel room in Las Vegas last Friday (Aug. 17). The photos were leaked to the Internet and an online media circus ensued.
Though Harry has caused his fair share of scandal, when it comes it royals behaving badly, he’s certainly not the only prince to have a history of hijinks, to say the least.

play on…

"Physiologically, if the sperm is in the vagina, a pregnancy can occur, regardless of the circumstances of how that sperm got there." — Dr. Melisa Holmes, an ob-gyn and founder of Girlology

Akin and Pregnancy: Yes, It Can Happen to Rape Victims

Rep. Todd Akin from Missouri recently suggested that a woman’s body can prevent pregnancy during rape.

When a viable sperm penetrates a viable egg inside a woman’s reproductive tract, the result is a fertilized egg that can then implant in the uterus. That fact of life is consistent regardless of how that sperm and egg met up, including whether or not the sperm was ejaculated during rape.

read more science…

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