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Various print ads featuring the Space Shuttle.

mmm so pretty.

Super Bowl Ads: Sexy Astronauts and Space Babies

I’m a 49ers fan, so that might be why this late night blog came across particularly snarky. But really Axe, did you have to punch a shark?!


Detroit, MI


orange is good, but rock ‘n rye is where it’s at.

(via detroitsomething)


Sometimes justice tastes sweet! The National Archives holds the records for many Federal court cases, including this one from 1957 when the Life Savers Corporation sued the Curtiss Candy Company for trademark infringement.

Depositions of witnesses were taken in different cities to show that consumers were so used to simply reaching for the multi-colored packaging of Life Savers that Curtiss would be able to take advantage of this with its own colored label.  One witness, Lillian Poshkus of St. Louis, when asked about her candy purchase, answered, “I just go right up to the counter and I see the different colored package and I pick that up, put it on the counter and pay for it.”  Several others answered similarly.

Who won? Read the full blog post on NARAtions.

*laughing* are they serious? i’m pretty sure i know fruit stripe gum when i see it.

"Introducing your home computer’s direct line to The Washington Post"

sounds useful. i wonder if they’d be so excited to send the paper digitally if they knew what would happen.

(via @Pergam on twitter)

these are also good tips for real life conversation.

Example: “Frequent interruptions and request to repeat mar the pleasure of th— *ping ping* —- hold on Mara is sending me a text… *chuckle*  —- what was I saying?”




(via How to Use the Telephone, 1917 | Retronaut)

As convenient as a field glass?! Sign me up!



On this day in 1879, George Eastman received the patent for the first film-using Kodak camera.

The whole camera had to be turned in so that the film could be removed and processed, and it did not include a viewfinder. Y’all, we are spoiled.

Oh man, the things I would make.

*eyes sparkle with far away vintage video game glory*


The Nintendo Knitting Machine, rumored to have been shown at a late ’80s Consumer Electronics Show for years, finally revealed here in this brochure posted online last night by former Nintendo spokesman Howard Phillips (of Howard & Nester fame).

I would have knitted some crazy garments with this dang thing — Mega Man socks, Teenage Mutant Ninja mittens, swag sweaters with my face on them, etc.

[Via Gamemaster Howard]

(via dailydot)

Is she crazy or brave or… some kind of hybrid of those.

Bravy?? CrazeCrave… Bravy it is.

Stuntwoman’s Walk Between Trucks Explained

Faith Dickey walked across a rope strung between two trucks speeding down a highway at 80 miles per hour. SPOILER: Dickey makes it across just a second before the trucks entered separate tunnels, severing her rope line.

walk hard…

Aside: It’s essentially an ad for Volvo trucks. Does this make you want to buy a Volvo? Me either.What if she failed? Not great publicity there…

The McDonald’s Burger Trick: Just how does McDonald’s make their burgers look juicy, big, tasty and delicious? That’s the question one of their consumers asks. And McDonald’s Toronto Director of MarketingHope Bagozzi takes it upon herself to take us to a photo shoot that unveils their secret.

You won’t look at a McDonald’s burger, for better or worse, the same again. Kudos to McDonald’s Canada for being so candid.

The video is fascinating. via Devour

More DNews Nuggets here



Okay, this is kind of genius.

(via ‘Contagion’ bacteria billboard is exactly what it sounds like - The Washington Post)

According to WashPo:

To promote the film, Warner Bros. Canada embraced the film’s theme and created two small billboards made entirely from bacteria.

YouTube video shows the process in which “two large Petri dishes were inoculated with live bacteria including penicillin, mold and pigmented bacteria.”