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NASA Injects New Funds Into Search for Origins of Life

Life is all around us, on Earth. But what about elsewhere in the Universe? We know there’s an abundance of life-giving chemicals out there, but what conditions are required to spark life as we know (and don’t know) it? Probably most importantly, if we did find extraterrestrial life, how would we recognize it as such?

In a new round of funding announced on Monday, NASA is allocating $50 million to 7 astrobiology research groups in the US to tackle these questions. Learn more

SETI FAIL: No Alien Signals Found

… so far.

Trace joins Anthony to talk aliens. Or lack thereof in the latest directed SETI search.

They bring up an important point — why look for radio transmissions at all? Well, you’ve got to start somewhere, so to make an assumption that a hypothetical ET went through a “radio transmission” phase is as good a place as any to start.

Alternatively, we could just WAIT for aliens to detect us! That way we’re not doing all the work…

No Alien Signals Detected in Kepler SETI Search

In an effort to search for intelligent extraterrestrials, SETI astronomers have completed their first “directed” search. Unfortunately, it turned up no evidence of transmitting aliens. But that’s hardly surprising.

Read more

Life Surviving in Salty Spanish River Mimics Martians

The Tinto River in Spain provides little comfort for most life. The river is naturally similar to the toxic water leaking from old mines, known as acid mine drainage. However, within that harsh river, biologists identified pockets of salt that created an oasis for bacteria. Similar salt deposits on Mars could also provide refuge for life. Read more…

Genesis II: Extraterrestrial Oceans Could Host Life by Ray Villard

At least six outer moons have subsurface oceans that could potentially be cozy places for life: Europa, Ganymede, Callisto, Titan, Enceladus and Triton. Each of them could have as much if not more water than found in all of Earth’s oceans. In fact Earth is a comparatively dry world.

I say go go go to Europa!

"…extraterrestrials (or their half-human hybrid offspring) may have been buried there.


"…two sets of DNA tests (one in 1999 and another in 2003) confirmed that the skull was in fact human…”


A common theme pervades mystery-mongering circles: Anything not immediately explainable or obvious is interpreted as a baffling mystery, often with paranormal connotations.”

No aliens. Poop. But…

"The main significance to archaeologists is that the discovery suggests the presence (or influence) of Mesoamerican societies much farther north than previously believed."

…a very cool archaeological discovery! Read more!

Franklin Antonio, co-founder and chief scientist of the telecommunications company Qualcomm, has donated $3.5 million to the SETI Institute. That’s pretty awesome. Funds will be used to expand the Allen Telescope Array (ATA). Seems fitting that Qualcomm should step in with much-needed funding — detecting ET’s phone call will notch up some heavy long-distance charges…

called the “Avro Canada VZ-9AV Avrocar,” this thing was a big old flop.

the Canadian military started it, but dropped it due to high cost.

the U.S. Air Force picked it up and funded it til 1961.

well played Canada, well played.

'Flying Saucer' Was an Air Force Hover Vehicle

Declassified files about a U.S. Air Force flying saucer sound like a conspiracy theorist’s dream come true. But the designs simply reveal more about a known military project from the 1950s that ended up more in the realm of science fiction rather than science fact.

Drawings of the saucerlike vehicle come from “Project 1794, Final Development Summary Report” — a 1956 document recently uncovered by the National Archives that describes a vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft capable of hovering at ground level and reaching supersonic speeds in the sky. But tests at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio soon showed that the concept fell far short of its supposed promise.

read the full tale…

"this… is really amazing."

- Professor, The Fifth Element


It’s all true…

(Recently declassified USAF documents detail “Project 1794”, an attempt by the Air Force to build a flying saucer with a top speed of Mach 4 and a range of 4,000 nautical miles)


Want to send your tweets into space? Check out our interview with the guys who help get them there tonight at 10.30-11pm ET.


Want to send your tweets into space? Check out our interview with the guys who help get them there tonight at 10.30-11pm ET.

Are UFOs Stalking Mars Rover Curiosity?

UFO-spotters have eagerly anticipated our running across alien spaceships flitting around.

The MSL images of interest reportedly show UFOs in the sky near the landing site. In reality these are all bad pixels, other data artifacts on the rover’s solid-state cameras or dust. However, amateur sleuths over-processed the data to death (as seen in the video below) and this makes the noise look like something more than, well, just noise.

probably not…

Have We Already Colonized Mars?

To date, a total of a dozen U.S., Soviet, and European spacecraft have landed or crashed on Mars. They were all sterilized before leaving Earth, but were the procedures good enough to wipe out every last stowaway Earth bug?

…and might there now be a Mars coli Colony? The mind boggles…

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