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Posts tagged asteroids

Water Plume ‘Unequivocally’ Detected at Dwarf Planet Ceres

Astronomers analyzing data from the now defunct Herschel infrared space observatory have made a huge discovery deep inside the asteroid belt. Dwarf planet Ceres, the largest body in the region, is generating plumes of water vapor. Read more

Space Crazy Comics: The Strange Asteroid

Ah, back in the days when asteroid-grabbing was so easy. Wonderful collection of classic comic art via @B612foundation

Asteroid-Blasting, Solar-Powered Lasers Could Save Planet

Time to bring a little Armageddon to the asteroids I think. Can I fire the “laser”?


Special DNews video all about the flyby of asteroid 2012 DA14! Join Trace and Ian for some space rock awesomeness!


Bill Nye: Asteroid to miss earth by 15 min

Bill Nye explains the size of the asteroid that is going to miss earth

The cosmos subtly reminding us that we are a target in an asteroid shooting gallery. This one missed, narrowly. Read more about 2012 DA14.

There was Planetary Resources…. now there’s Deep Space Industries. Is asteroid mining sounding more sci-fi than sci-fact? Or will it be the next big gold rush? We should have a partial answer by 2015…

Second Company Announces Plan to Mine Asteroids

Newly formed Deep Space Industries unveiled an ambitious plan on Tuesday to extract raw materials from nearby asteroids and turn it into fuel and spare parts for satellites. Read more…

Amateur Astronomers Help In Asteroid Hunt

A partnership with the UK’s Faulkes Telescope Project hopes to boost the European Space Agency’s space hazards research while at the same time giving students the chance to discover potentially hazardous space rocks.

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Who Owns the Asteroids?

Of all the hurdles facing Planetary Resources, a startup firm that this week unveiled its plan to survey and mine asteroids for water, precious metals and other resources, legal jurisdiction is not at the top of the list.

"We as a U.S. company certainly have the right to go an asteroid and make use of its resources," Planetary Resources co-founder Eric Anderson told Discovery News.

"It is a stated goal of the U.S. government to enable and promote commercial activities and economic activity in space," he said.

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