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Russian Meteor: What’s With All The Dash Cams?

If, like me, you were sitting dumbstruck watching Youtube videos depicting a raging ball of fire falling out of the sky in the early hours this morning, you may have been equally dumbstruck by the sheer number of eyewitness videos. There are videos of the object exploding into a bright orb, there’s dramatic footage of the moment when the shock wave blew out windows, but above all, there’s a crazy number of videos shot from the dashboards of cars. What’s that about? Read more

i’ve got goosebumps.

The Shuttle’s Last Mission: LA

Last weekend, the last shuttle went on its last mission ever.

The shuttle Endeavour went from Los Angeles International Airport to the California Science Center last weekend. The trip took two days as NASA engineers working with utility crews, police and other personnel moved the shuttle through the streets of the city of angles.

With the parking of this shuttle, so ends the 30 year mission of the shuttle program. The end of an era of regular, United States-led space travel. The success of the shuttle program is so well known and the image of the shuttle so iconic, it’s almost surreal to see it sharing the same screen as Randy’s Donuts or Roscoe’s chicken and waffles.

This time lapse video of the shuttle’s journey is moving and jaw-dropping. I don’t often say this, but if you watch only one online video this week, it should be this one.

seriously, goosebumps

I’d love to drive one of these though a desert (in space would be fun, but let’s keep it a little attainable).


Even space explorers need wheels! We collected a few of the coolest vehicles NASA has created for tooling around in space.

(via thedailyfeed)

Google’s self-driving car gets a thumbs up from the California Senate to be road eligible.

Not long now…


The California Senate unanimously passed a bill favoring autonomous vehicle operation on the roads of the Golden State.

Now the bill has to be approved by the State Assembly, which is expected to give it the green light within the next month, and then eventually head to Governor Jerry Brown’s desk. 

It’s exciting to see how quickly things are moving for autonomous vehicles to become available in light of how regulated transportation is in the US. 

Full report here.

"Think of it as lowering the threshold of flight, down to the domain of ATV’s."

Who wants one?! (I do!)

Hover Vehicle Being Tested For All-Terrain Use

The lack of hovercrafts in this day and age is often lamented in the tech community. But now Aeroflex, a high-tech company based in California, is testing an aerial vehicle that uses two ducted rotors to hover above the ground.

ride one…

These are the first tracks made on this part of the Red Planet… to our knowledge…

She Roves! Curiosity Hits the Martian Road

ASA’s new Mars probe lived up to its billing as a rover on Wednesday with a successful first test drive, its first motion since settling down inside an ancient impact basin on Aug. 6.

oh, the places she’ll go…

Favorite quote of the story from a NASA project manager: “We built a rover, so unless the rover roves, we really haven’t accomplished anything.”

Is she crazy or brave or… some kind of hybrid of those.

Bravy?? CrazeCrave… Bravy it is.

Stuntwoman’s Walk Between Trucks Explained

Faith Dickey walked across a rope strung between two trucks speeding down a highway at 80 miles per hour. SPOILER: Dickey makes it across just a second before the trucks entered separate tunnels, severing her rope line.

walk hard…

Aside: It’s essentially an ad for Volvo trucks. Does this make you want to buy a Volvo? Me either.What if she failed? Not great publicity there…

It may be hard to believe, but Curiosity hasn’t driven anywhere yet. It was placed on Mars with the skycrane on August 6, and has not moved since. They’re very careful with their new toys.

Mars Rover Curiosity Ready for Test Drive

After acing a steering test, NASA’s new Mars rover will go for short drive on Wednesday, its first move since reaching the Red Planet.

Curiosity won’t break any distance records during its test drive, which is expected to last about 30 minutes. The one-ton, six-wheeled rover should travel about 10 feet forward, pivot its wheels and back up, reparking at a 90-degree angle from its starting point inside Gale Crater.

drive on…

This might be the cutest way to move potentially deadly spears… Well, maybe ever. #want

Mini Coopers Helping Out At The Throwing Events

Rather than return shotputs and javelins to throwers by, you know, walking them back, the Olympics are using remote-controlled Mini Coopers. It’s fun.

(via BuzzFeed - Warning Music on Post)

Fold-Up Car of the Future

A tiny revolutionary fold-up car designed in Spain’s Basque country as the answer to urban stress and pollution was unveiled Tuesday before hitting European cities in 2013.

The “Hiriko,” the Basque word for “urban,” is an electric two-seater with no doors whose motor is located in the wheels and which folds up like a child’s collapsible buggy, or stroller, for easy parking.

The car was dreamed up by Boston’s MIT-Media lab.


Ford’s newest concept car is one of the first from a major manufacturer that will store data on and retrieve it from the Cloud. 

The Internet-connected vehicle could provide access to the Web to scan weather and traffic reports in real-time in order to suggest routes, warn of accidents ahead or even alter the suspension and handling to fit the road conditions. A rainy, wet road might require more responsive steering.

Read more

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