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Posts tagged beauty

Beauty Lift High Nose: $86

This gadget is supposed to give your nose a lift.

It holds the nose in place and vibrates lightly to push your nose higher and shape it to a firmer state.

This isn’t the only odd (slightly frightening) beauty gadget out there.

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The Ideal Woman Through the Ages

When the face of a movie star appearing “puffy” can spark a media frenzy, the focus on female beauty seems to have reached an all-time high. A recent piece by actress Ashley Judd in the Daily Beast calls out the media for their concentration on women’s bodies and looks. After widespread speculation that the actress had plastic surgery she calls the conversation about beauty “nasty, gendered, and misogynistic and embodies what all girls and women…endure every day.”

Here, we look at what that conversation has looked like through the years - from Nefertiti to Michelle Obama.

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images: Nefertiti, Betty Page, Christie Brinkley, Michelle Obama