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Yawns Also Contagious in Bonobos

Wait, wait, wai- *YAWN*

Female Bonobos Have Social Climbing Sex

For female Bonobos, climbing the social ladder means having sex with the alpha female.

Female bonobos leave the group in which they grew up and pick a new family to live among and find mates. The newcomer needs to climb the social ladder, which she does by bonding with high-ranking females in the group. This bonding comes in many forms, from spending time together, grooming and playing with each other, to “having sex” by touching genitals and swaying their hips side to side in unison.

When first entering a new family, the bonobos “don’t know anyone, and they don’t have kin relations with any of these females,” Clay explained. “They have to develop relationships and learn to tolerate one another.” Sex relieves their stress.

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Photo of female bonobo, “Isiro.” During interactions with higher-ranked female partners, females produce copulation calls to advertise their socio-sexual interactions.
CREDIT: Zanna Clay (via LiveScience)