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How Can You Survive Without Part Of Your Brain? 

Psychedelic Trips Don’t Harm Mental Health

After emerging from drug-induced hallucinations, people often describe their experiences as mystical and introspectively illuminating. But psychedelic mushrooms, peyote, LSD and related drugs can also cause confusion, paranoia and emotional angst — raising questions about whether they have any long-term impact on mental health. Read more

Soccer Headers May Cause Brain Damage

A new study of long-time adult soccer players has found changes in the brain similar to traumatic brain injury as a result of repeated “headers” of the ball. The study also found an association between players who had repeatedly headed, and slight memory loss. Read more

Computers Can ‘See’ People’s Dreams

A computer can predict what you’re dreaming about based on brain wave activity, new research suggests. By measuring people’s brain activity during waking moments, researchers were able to pick out the signatures of specific dream imagery — such as keys or a bed — while the dreamer was asleep. Read more.

Mission to Mars Could Mess With Your Brain: The high-energy particles that buzz around outside of our protective magnetosphere aren’t only a trigger for nasty cancers, they may also trigger certain brain defects, such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Just add it to the list of “reasons why humans don’t belong in space” — a list that will never stifle our urge to explore other worlds.

Childhood Hunger a Boost for Elderly Brains?Older people who remembered going hungry as children were slower to lose their mental sharpness as they reached old age.

Interesting to think that the experiences we have as a child can influence our brains decades later into old age…

'Channeling Spirits' Shuts Down Parts Of Brain:

During a trance-like session of psychography, experienced mediums in Brazil allow themselves to become receptive to spirits or dead souls. Then they write automatically, channeling the voices of those they believe to be speaking to them […] “I don’t think this does anything to make (the experience) less real or less profound or to make it less important in the moment,” said Andrew Newberg, a neuroscientist at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia.

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A CT scanner uses radiation to produce a three-dimensional image of the insides of the human body. X-rays are fired through the body, and scanners pick up the path of the rays, leading to a detailed image of the body. It can be used to detect and diagnose epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease, cancers, heart disease and medical issue.

(via scinerds)

If robots can think like us, would they deserve rights? At what point would we need to start thinking about artificially intelligent robots less as things and more as something else…

Maybe that’s too deep for this time of day. Happy Hour anyone?


How long before robots can think like us?

Will this summer be remembered as a turning point in the story of man versus machine? On June 23, with little fanfare, a computer program came within a hair’s breadth of passing the Turing test, a kind of parlour game for evaluating machine intelligence devised by mathematician Alan Turing more than 60 years ago.

Turing proposed the test – he called it “the imitation game” – in a 1950 paper titled “Computing machinery and intelligence”. Back then, computers were very simple machines, and the field known as Artificial Intelligence (AI) was in its infancy. But already scientists and philosophers were wondering where the new technology would lead. In particular, could a machine “think”?

more robot stuff…

(via understandingtheuniverse)

This is some scary stuff.

Don’t think of your password! D’oh!

Brain Hackers Pluck Your Private Data

A team of researchers from the University of Oxford in Geneva and the University of California in Berkeley just showed how easy it is to hack a human brain and pluck things such as bank details from your head. They did so using an off-the-shelf Emotiv brain-computer interface that only cost a few hundred dollars.

Their experiments made it easier to calculate their address or bank account numbers.

protect your thoughts…

Sad Keanu thinks this reminds him of something.

Fuel Cell Uses Brain Power

Natural sugars in your body power this implantable gizmo.

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