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Kittens Discover the Physics of Collision While Playing with a Newton’s Cradle

In other news, don’t let kittens play with your executive toys.

Cats: Be more dog.

"Grab the Frisbee!"


Top 10 Naughtiest Pets

Let’s take a break from marauding lumps of space rock and talk pets. Naughty pets. Most are dogs. BAD puppy!

Rare Bolivian Wild Cat Captured on Camera: The cat, which is about the same size as a domesticated house kitty, also is now about to become a media star, as the photo this week won a BBC Wildlife camera-trap photo competition.


Welcome back, Tumblr. We missed you.

This GIF is for emergency use only.

yay, it’s back!


Welcome back, Tumblr. We missed you.


This GIF is for emergency use only.

yay, it’s back!

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fun fact: Zoonosis: n, plural (zo·on·o·ses) [-seez, -seez]): Pathology . any disease of animals communicable to humans.


Can Fido Catch Your Flu?

With the flu season ready to hit its usual peak in November, health experts are growing increasingly concerned about people passing illnesses on to their pets.

The deadly H1N1 virus of recent years is of particular concern, with humans more likely to be the carriers and our pets the victims.

"We worry a lot about zoonosis, the transmission of diseases from animals to people, but most people don’t realize that humans can also pass diseases to animals."
Christiane Loehr, Associate Professor, OSU College of Veterinary Medicine

it’s not too ruff

in case you were wondering.


#omg. Fare thee well, productivity. May a flight of kittens mew thee to thy rest.

look at its lil’ belly!


Picture: Quirky China News / Rex Features (via Pictures of the day: 27 September 2012 - Telegraph)

that’s a big fella.

World’s Tallest Dog (and Cat)!

The dog, seen in the above video, is a Great Dane named Zeus. When Zeus stands on his hind legs, he towers 7 feet 4 inches above his owner, Denise Doorlag of Otsego, Michigan. He can eat en entire 30-lb bag o food in a day.

The cat was 19 inches tall, earning him the Guinness record and named Savannah Islands Trouble.


The gif that got me this morning. So pretty.

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TWiDN: Cats Make us Healthier, Dogs Too!

Cats (and dogs) are good for humans! Seriously! They help build immunity and help sustain our mental health.

Plus, Trace explains how Amelia Earhart’s plane might be just out of reach on the bottom of the Pacific, and how Earth and Mars both quake with plate tectonics.

or woof…

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