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CES 2013: Samsung Unveils An ‘Entertainer’s Fridge’: Samsung has expertise with consumer electronics, including TVs, laptops and cameras and they also develop appliances. Now they’re combining the two areas by putting an LCD display into a fridge.

DNews’ Anthony Carboni is in Vegas at CES… check it out. (I’m sooooo getting an Attacknid)

CES is currently wowing the world with new gadgets and Discovery News is covering the event. First up, the fork that knows how much you’re eating! How can you not live without one of these?!

Smart Fork Tracks Your Eating Habits: The HAPIfork (pronounced happy fork) uses gentle vibrations to nudge eaters into slowing their chomping down, this smart fork purports to help digestion and weight control by providing insightful analytics about your food schedule.

Actually, I don’t like to be interrupted while chewing…