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Will Mars Have a White Christmas?

There will be a white Christmas on Mars, say scientists studying how much of the Martian polar caps are created by winter snow falling from the rusty sky.

But will Santa be making deliveries to Curiosity and Opportunity? Probably not. Sorry rovers.

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Christmas Bird Count Underway: “The 113th annual Christmas Bird Count is now underway, with Audubon making it easier than ever for you, your family and friends to participate in this fun and rewarding holiday tradition.”

I love this line: "Every day of my life is brightened by the presence of birds, the living descendants of dinosaurs.

Don’t just assume the best gifts this year will be waiting under the tree. You may find some of the coolest gadgets hanging by the mantle. Just keep in mind as you rush to the fireplace, footie pajamas can be slippery. So take your time, but amble quickly. Cause everything in this roundup is something you’ll want to play around with way more than but once a year.

Get a clue! Browse our top 12 gadgets to buy this Christmas!

DON’T PANIC! Christmas isn’t threatened by the warming Arctic and uptick in ice loss… Santa has relocated his base of operations to Greenland:

"The North Pole location is officially a myth," said Ilbereth, Kringle’s head spokeself. "We are now located in northern Greenland, on solid ground." The new facility has been named North Pole Station in order to avoid confusing children or give Hollywood producers an excuse to remake all of the classic holiday movies. "And not to slight the people of Greenland, to whom we are eternally grateful, but Greenland doesn’t carry quite the same holiday cachet as the North Pole," explained Ilbereth.

Interesting side note:

As far back as 10 years ago Discovery News provided exclusive reports on the growing struggles Santa Claus’ helpers were facing due to ice losses at the North Pole.

Christmas in Space, 1968

Neighborhoods Santa Can’t Miss

We are headed to Dyker Heights, Brooklyn to see some of these spectacular homes tonight.

It turns out, some other neighborhoods compete with the Brooklyn spot when it comes to holiday cheer. (We’re looking at you, Melbourne, Australia.)

Here’s a look at some extremely lit holiday homes and cities around the world.