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Hotter Earth Cooks Up More Thunderstorms

If you follow climate science at all, you’ve probably heard that a warming world is likely to generate more nasty weather and a lot more weather extremes, kind of like the extreme droughts and then torrential flooding that Colorado, New Mexico and other western states have experienced. Well that also goes for severe thunderstorms and tornadoes, according to a new study by researchers who used a new computer simulation to test the conditions which generate tornadoes. Read more

Obama Proposes ‘Meaningful Action’ on Climate Change

President Barack Obama called for “meaningful progress” on tackling climate change in his State of the Union speech in Washington, DC on Tuesday night. While acknowledging that “no single event makes a trend,” the President noted that the United States had been buffeted by extreme weather events that in many cases encapsulated the predictions of climate scientists. Read more

El Nino Unlikely Before End of Year:

"Model forecasts and expert opinion suggest that the likelihood of El Nino conditions developing during the remainder of 2012 is now low," the World Meteorological Organization said in its latest update.

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World Bank Fears Devastating 4.0 Degree Warming: "A four-degree warmer world can and must be avoided. We need to hold warming below two degrees," said World Bank President Jim Yong Kim. "Lack of ambitious action on climate change threatens to put prosperity out of reach of millions and roll back decades of development."

…and as deadly Hurricane Sandy proved, after rampaging through the Caribbean and US, weather extremes are only going to get worse… Read more

"Life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop and look around once in a while you might miss it."

— Ferris Beuller

Sun Dogs, Halos and Double Rainbows

As sunlight scatters through ice crystals and raindrops it produces brilliant displays that can make a gray day glorious. The following slideshow captures beautiful moments of atmospheric phenomena.

Learn about the sun, rainbows and how light splits in these beautiful photos.

more photos…

Climate change is hitting the parks hard.

It’s not the only problem they face, but instead one of many.

Light and noise pollution are also culprits.

Will Budget Strapped National Parks Be Able to Respond to Climate Change?

Environmental changes confronting the National Park System are widespread, complex, accelerating and volatile.

The assessment is not good and on closer inspection, things only get worse.

we should plan a visit…

What’s Behind the Record Heat?

Behind the records is a set of weather and climate conditions that is keeping the heat locked in over the country, with little respite in sight.

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(also, this seems like the best reason to move to Canada yet. Well, at least the blue parts in this NASA image above.)

Climate Change May Have Doomed Neanderthals
Like early humans, Neanderthals adapted to climate and that may have been a disaster for them.


Rick Perry: Climate Change Is A Hoax Drummed Up By Scientists Looking To Make Money

How do you engage in climate debate with people who think it’s acceptable to lie with such enormous testicular fortitude? I mean, the set of brass balls on Gov. Perry’s lies here would sink the Titanic under their own weight.

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