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Posts tagged computing

Download Your Memories; Retrieve Them Later

Could human memories be uploaded and stored — just like data — in a computer? Scientists say not now, but in the coming decades it’s likely we’ll be able to store our memories in a way that allows us to retrieve them later. Long the stuff of science fiction novels, this kind of merger between computer technology and the human brain is being pushed by new findings in neuroscience, as well as advances in computer science and artificial intelligence. Read more

Mist Screen Acts Like Touchable Hologram

A touchscreen made of vaporized air may not be the most practical innovation, but it sure is fun. The $10,000 display is from Russia-based Displair and it’s giving attendees to the conference a hint at what holographic displays of the future might look and feel like. Read more…

The future is here!! “Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. Youre my only hope." Come on, you were thinking the same thing, right? Right?