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Is Violence Contagious?

Is violence contagious? A recent spate of incidents in both Colorado and Maryland suggests that bad things tend to happen in clumps, a syndrome that psychologists have known about for decades. Read more

Can Court-ordered Rehab Work?

Lindsay Lohan checked in at the Betty Ford Clinic this week, marking at least the seventh time she’s been in rehab. Lohan’s case isn’t even all that unusual, as the New York Daily News points out with a slideshow featuring over 40 celebrities who have been in rehab. Meanwhile, Gawker published a guide to the most popular rehab centers among celebrities.

But it raises the question: Does court-ordered rehab work?

Why People Believed Fake Bomb Detectors Worked

A man who sold bogus bomb detectors likened to dowsing rods in Iraq and elsewhere has been convicted of fraud in a British court. But why did it take so long for the authorities to catch on? Read more.

Stealth Clothing Averts Government Snoopers

For airport X-ray machines, Harvey created a shirt with a printed design that blocks the radiation from one’s heart. View the gallery…

Should Teachers Carry Guns?

Should America’s teachers take up arms to protect children? That’s the idea some out there have proposed to stop another Sandy Hook tragedy. But does this really make sense, or does it just create a whole new set of problems? Laci takes a look.

After such a traumatic event, what do you say to your kids?

How To Talk To Your Kids About Killings: One of the best things to do, experts say, is to keep your message simple and reassuring.

Also: Do gun laws prevent mass killings?

News: Many Killed at Conn. Elementary School Massacre

Reward Offered For Stolen Petroglyphs:

Archeologists offered a $1,000 reward Tuesday for information leading to the arrest of vandals who stole four priceless ancient rock carvings, and damaged others in the California desert.

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When former CIA Director David Petraeus cheated, questions were raised about the legality of public officials having affairs.

When is it a crime to have an affair? Can affairs compromise national security? Or are Americans just prudish? Why can foreign dignitaries indulge in salacious private lives without repercussion, while Americans face career-ending public scrutiny?

What do you think?


Sometimes justice tastes sweet! The National Archives holds the records for many Federal court cases, including this one from 1957 when the Life Savers Corporation sued the Curtiss Candy Company for trademark infringement.

Depositions of witnesses were taken in different cities to show that consumers were so used to simply reaching for the multi-colored packaging of Life Savers that Curtiss would be able to take advantage of this with its own colored label.  One witness, Lillian Poshkus of St. Louis, when asked about her candy purchase, answered, “I just go right up to the counter and I see the different colored package and I pick that up, put it on the counter and pay for it.”  Several others answered similarly.

Who won? Read the full blog post on NARAtions.

*laughing* are they serious? i’m pretty sure i know fruit stripe gum when i see it.

Seven Masterpieces Stolen in Dutch Museum Heist

Seven masterpieces, including paintings by Picasso, Matisse, Monet and Gauguin, were stolen in a pre-dawn heist Tuesday at Rotterdam’s Kunsthal museum, the biggest such theft in the Netherlands in two decades.

"A major investigation is under way and forensics are at the scene," Rotterdam police spokeswoman Patricia Wessels said. "We’re investigating how they got access, what time it happened and who did it."

"We’re a bit shocked that something like this happens here and at the same time we have some respect for thieves who got away with something likes this," said student Ibo Bose, disappointed not to be able to visit the museum.

where’d they gogh?

Miami Cannibal Attacker: What Are ‘Bath Salts?’

The recent story of a Miami man, 31-year-old Rudy Eugene, who went on a naked rampage, attacking a homeless man and chewing off his face before being shot dead by police, has caught national attention because of the horrific nature of the crime. The news has also brought to light a drug that has since mostly escaped national attention, a narcotic that apparently goes by the street name, “bath salts.”

Given the grisly and bizarre nature of the events that unfolded on May 26, it’s almost certain that this drug will merit a closer look by police and public health authorities.

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What happens when a blond, blue-eyed cheerleader accuses her school’s black star athlete of rape? Well, first, she’s kicked off the squad for refusing to cheer for him. My report on how this three-year-old case continues to roil Silsbee, Texas.

"The most humiliating moment for the teen came not on the night of the alleged assault, or even on her first day back to school, where shrieks of “slut!” ricocheted in the halls. It came four months later, as she stood on the sidelines of a tournament basketball game, clutching a pompon in each hand."

this is a must read for today…

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