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#SpaceOut Talks Mars Curiosity: Today, 4pm PDT

At 4pm PT (7pm ET) today, Discovery News and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory will team up to bring you the latest news from NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory by the scientists and engineers who drive and care for the Curiosity rover.

Joining DNews’ Trace Dominguez and Ian O’Neill will be:

  • Ashwin Vasavada, MSL deputy project scientist (at JPL Mission Control).
  • Nagin Cox, MSL tactical uplink lead (JPL Mars Yard). Twitter: @nasa_nagin
  • Matt Heverly, MSL rover driver (JPL Mars Yard). Twitter: @Matt_Heverly
  • Amy Shira Teitel, space historian and DNews space guest host. Twitter: @astVintageSpace

The Google+ Hangout will also feature live video from the Mars Yard at JPL. We’ll get the low down on Curiosity’s health, the team’s hopes for the future and a look back over it’s biggest discoveries from its first Mars year on the red planet. We will also be taking live questions from our viewers via the G+ event page and on Twitter. Make sure you also keep an eye on @DNews, @NASAJPL and @MarsCuriosity for updates and use the #SpaceOut hashtag if you have any questions for the JPL team.

This will be one #SpaceOut you cannot afford to miss! Check out the Hangout event page for more info.

Curiosity Snaps Selfies, Begins Mars Rock Drill

NASA’s rover Curiosity has begun drilling operations for the third time on Mars. Currently located at a geologically interesting location nicknamed “The Kimberley,” the one-ton rover also took the opportunity to photograph itself and the surrounding landscape in some stunning Martian “selfies.” View the gallery

The “before” and “after” shots of Curiosity’s wheels are pretty striking. Although the rover’s wheels are designed to sustain significant damage without putting the mission at risk, mission managers are assessing a recent acceleration in perforations and rips in the wheels’ aluminum. See more photos

Mars Rover Finds Ancient Life-Supporting Lakebed

The site where NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity landed last year contains at least one lake that would have been perfectly suited for colonies of simple, rock-eating microbes found in caves and hydrothermal vents on Earth. Read more

This Scoop of Mars Soil is Two Percent Water

Yesterday was a BIG day for Mars exploration — the first scoop of Mars soil analyzed by NASA’s Mars Science Lab in October is 2% water by weight. This is groundbreaking as this will be a valuable resource for future colonists and could have ramifications for the continuing search of microbial life on Mars. Find out more

Year One: Mars Rover Curiosity’s Key Discoveries

Can you believe it’s been a year since Curiosity landed on Mars? Although its mission has only just begun, let’s take a quick look at some of the cool science the Mars Science Laboratory has been doing in the Mars dirt for the past 12 months.

NASA’s Next Mars Rover to Search for Past Life

NASA’s follow-on Mars rover should not only look for signs of past life, but also prepare samples for an eventual return to Earth, a science advisory team said Tuesday. Read more

Is Mars Infested With Pareidolia Rats?
…speaking of Mars. What the heck is THAT? Mars rat? A Red Planet gopher? A… rock?! Yeah, it’s a rock.

Is Mars Infested With Pareidolia Rats?

…speaking of Mars. What the heck is THAT? Mars rat? A Red Planet gopher? A… rock?! Yeah, it’s a rock.

Mars Explorers Face Huge Radiation Problem

A radiation sensor inside NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover shows that even under the best-case scenario and behind shielding currently being designed for NASA’s new deep-space capsule, future travelers will face a huge amount of radiation.


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