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Costa Concordia Cruise Liner Claims Another Life

The shipwreck of the Costa Concordia claimed another life on Saturday — more than two years after the cruise liner capsized off the coast of Giglio Island, killing 32 people. Read more

'Perfect' Electron Roundness Bruises Supersymmetry

New measurements of the electron have confirmed, to the smallest precision attainable, that it has a perfect roundness. This may sounds nice for the little electron, but to one of the big physics theories beyond the standard model, it’s very bad news. Read more

Russian Meteor Strike Aftermath: Photos

Dozens of videos of the Russian meteor were uploaded to Youtube soon after impact on the morning of Feb. 15, 2013, many of which originated from vehicle dashboard cameras (or “dash cams”). During the morning commute many drivers saw the bright orb grow and explode in the atmosphere. The resulting shock wave caused windows to blow out over a huge area injuring over 1,000 people — mainly cuts and minor concussions. View the gallery

Curious to see where Sandy’s flying? Want to see live cameras of the affected areas or learn more about the storm itself?

Check out the Discovery News Storm Tracker! 

Across the eastern United States, Americans scrambled to stock up on supplies and secure homes as Hurricane Sandy — billed as a superstorm — lumbered north after leaving dozens dead in the Caribbean. 

The center of the so-called Frankenstorm is expected to move over the coast of the Mid-Atlantic states this evening or tonight. “The storm is expected to transition into a frontal or wintertime low pressure system prior to making landfall, though this transition will not be accompanied by a weakening of the system. And in fact, a little strengthening is possible during this process,” reported the National Hurricane Center.

this and lots more in the DNews Storm Tracker…