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The McDonald’s Burger Trick: Just how does McDonald’s make their burgers look juicy, big, tasty and delicious? That’s the question one of their consumers asks. And McDonald’s Toronto Director of MarketingHope Bagozzi takes it upon herself to take us to a photo shoot that unveils their secret.

You won’t look at a McDonald’s burger, for better or worse, the same again. Kudos to McDonald’s Canada for being so candid.

The video is fascinating. via Devour

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'What's The Fuzz With Jews?': DNews Nuggets 

Sweden’s official twitter feed is getting some buzz. In an experiement, it’s being mannned by everyday volunteer Swedes. 

One woman’s week-long stint manning Sweden’s twitter feed has caught the world’s attention. Sonja Abrahamsson, a 27-year-old mother of two, is running the country’s twitter feed this week and kicked it off yesterday with Hitler jokes, as the Atlantic Wire reports. Now, she’s on to talk about Jews.

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DNews Nuggets Friday 

Today’s weird, fun, interesting little bits of news that the Discovery News Editors thought you should know about:

Students Protest With ‘Slutty Wednesday’

Students at Manhattan’s prestigious and nerdy Stuyvesant High protested a dress code by going to class in clothing that the school intends to ban.

Are We in Paris or San Francisco?

Though movies would have us believe out every window is a beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower or the Golden Gate, it just isn’t true.

China Replicates Austrian Hamlet

China is known for its forgeries, from fake hand bags and electronics to Apple stores.

U.S. 46 Percent Creationist

According to a recent Gallup poll, the proportion of the US public that believes God had a hand to play with the ‘creation’ of humans has remained unchanged for 30 years.

Mister Rogers Is Auto-tuned

"Did You Ever Grow Anything in the Garden of Your Mind? You can grow ideas in the garden on your mind." Those lines are about where this autotuned Mr. Rogers video really pick up.

U.S. Forces Suicide Deaths Spike

There have been about 50 percent more suicides among U.S. troops this year than soldiers killed in action in Afghanistan.

World Oceans Day

This year the focus of World Oceans Day seems to be the surprising discoveries of beachcombers — from tsunami debris, to headstones in San Francisco and even whale poop.

Autonomous Sewing Factories

The U.S. military has made great high-tech strides in its uniforms from “thinking” underwear to wearable batteries.

Today’s DNews Nuggets has a bit of space, health and acne. All brought to you by Discovery News Editors.

Bel Air Rocket Man: How was your day today? Did it include racing around Bel Air in the cutting-edge of electric car technology while chatting about your rocket company to a Forbes journalist? No? Well, I’m not interested in talking to you. To Elon Musk, however, that’s just an average day. On an under-average day he’s forced to drive his Porsche to drop the kids off at school as the Roadster doesn’t have back seats. Let’s talk to him instead. via Forbes

Helicopter Parents Ruin Easter

Batman Stopped by Cops

Thyme for Acne

and more here

Our first day of Spring DNews Nuggets (brought to you by Discovery News Editors):

  • Astronaut Hillary Clinton? At her remarks at an event celebrating Amelia Earhart and the United States’ ties to helping with the search effort, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told an anecdote about wanting to be an astronaut as a child. …”when we decided, under President Kennedy’s leadership, that our nation was going to go to the moon and we were going to have an astronaut program, I wanted to be an astronaut….” keep reading
  • Ticks Like Mild Winters Too: As people and their pets across the country have been getting out more over unusually mild winter, so have the insects that like to suck our blood. Richard Pollack, a public health entomologist at the Harvard School of Public Health told the New York Times that the warm weather doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll face a worse tick season this year, but a longer one.. keep reading
  • Wooden Skyscraper: Architect Michael Green of Vancouver is doing something radical. His firm is planning to build a 30-story skyscraper made of wood… keep reading

DNews Nuggets are the pearls of wisdom you wanted today but didn’t even know it. In today’s Nuggets:

  • Feel what it’s like to hitch a ride on a rocket. This video of a space shuttle launch is ‘epic.’
  • Learn how a billion is not the same in Germany, France, the UK and the U.S.
  • Daydreaming makes you smarter.

and much more in today’s Nugget-y goodness…brought to you by Discovery News Editors.

Clooney and His Dad in Handcuffs; ‘This American Life’ Retracts Story And Free Vasectomy Pizza

  • He lied to me,” Ira Glass said about Mike Daisey, who inspired a show on This American Life that has been retracted. The show focused on Foxconn. 
  • Get a pizza with that vasectomy.
  • George Clooney makes getting arrested look dapper.
  • Celebrate Hitchcock Day

All this and much more in this week’s DNews Nuggets — Little jewels of news brought to you by Discovery News Editors

In today’s DNews Nuggets, we look at:

  • The video that solidifies the resurgence and popularity of the GIF (hello, Tumblr). And Happy Birthday to the 25-year-old GiF! (or is it JIF?)
  • An informative guide to emoticons.
  • The science of loose tennis strings.

And much more. The news nuggets don’t stop. So, bookmark this one, Tumblr.

Today’s DNews Nugget Roundup

  • There may be super sweet, super plush, purple strawberries in our future.
  • Gaming is good for you.

Those bits of golden news and much more in our daily DNews Nuggets — the news curated by your DNews Editors.

Can Your Cat Make You Crazy? Euro McDonald's Fries Up McRib 

…and much more in your DNews Nuggets

Does everyone know this Picasso (Crazy Woman With Cats)? Those of us with cats could all become that, it seems. Or maybe we already are and don’t know it?

All that news and more (such as this one: rosemary can make you smarter) in the DNews Nuggets, so far.

We keep updating this one, Tumblr. So check back later, too.

Our Nugget-y News of the Day, So Far

  • Lucy Lawless, the Former Xena, Warrior Princess gets arrested in New Zealand with Greenpeace activists. (photo: Lawless on the left with Greenpeace activists. credit: Nigel Marple/Greenpeace/AP)
  • And women wearing red are sending a message. What is it?

— all this and more in DNews Nuggets.

Rough Guide to Urine Color: DNews Nuggets

Say what you will about the Boy Scouts of America,, but sometimes they have some pretty practical suggestions about survival. This chart might seem apropos of nothing, but camping season is fast approaching and it could save a life. It’s a urine color chart, showing what color urine should be at different levels of hydration, basically so you know if you’re drinking enough. Note at the bottom, where it says “This color chart is not for clinical use.” You know, a rough guide. via

more fascinating news from the DNews Nuggets