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Dogs Catch a Wave in Surfing Competition! Photos

Dog Family Tree Traced Back 2 Million Years

A new cache of extremely well preserved, prehistoric canine fossils is shedding light on dog and wolf ancestors from 2 million years ago to today.

The fossils, described in the latest issue of the Journal of Mammalian Evolution, date to that early period and belonged to a scrappy canine carnivore known as Canis etruscus that lived near Rome, Italy.

Canis etruscus appeared approximately 2 million years ago and is the oldest European species referred to in the genus Canis,” lead author Marco Cherin told Discovery News, adding that this species “was considerably smaller than the modern wolf.” Read more

Dogs With American Roots Revealed

Alaskan breeds — such as Inuit sled dogs, the Eskimo dog and the Greenland dog — are the only canines with actual U.S. roots, according to DNA analysis. Read more

Cats: Be more dog.

"Grab the Frisbee!"



The Earliest Dogs

A pointer named “Major” was identified this week as the first known example of a modern dog. A description of the dog was found in a now-obscure 1865 edition of a Victorian journal called The Field. It marks the earliest reported dog breed based on physical form and pedigree.

Let’s go walkies through the history of the modern dog…

Top 10 Naughtiest Pets

Let’s take a break from marauding lumps of space rock and talk pets. Naughty pets. Most are dogs. BAD puppy!

fun fact: Zoonosis: n, plural (zo·on·o·ses) [-seez, -seez]): Pathology . any disease of animals communicable to humans.


Can Fido Catch Your Flu?

With the flu season ready to hit its usual peak in November, health experts are growing increasingly concerned about people passing illnesses on to their pets.

The deadly H1N1 virus of recent years is of particular concern, with humans more likely to be the carriers and our pets the victims.

"We worry a lot about zoonosis, the transmission of diseases from animals to people, but most people don’t realize that humans can also pass diseases to animals."
Christiane Loehr, Associate Professor, OSU College of Veterinary Medicine

it’s not too ruff

that’s a big fella.

World’s Tallest Dog (and Cat)!

The dog, seen in the above video, is a Great Dane named Zeus. When Zeus stands on his hind legs, he towers 7 feet 4 inches above his owner, Denise Doorlag of Otsego, Michigan. He can eat en entire 30-lb bag o food in a day.

The cat was 19 inches tall, earning him the Guinness record and named Savannah Islands Trouble.




Max the 13-week Labrador mix gives Savannah the cheetah cub a wet kiss on her nose as they play together at Cincinnati Zoo in America. The zoo’s Cat Ambassador Programme sees that all their cheetahs have dog companions.

Spokesperson Tiffany Barnes explains the idea behind the programme: In Africa, Anatolian Shepherd dogs are being given to farmers to live with their live stock. This breed of dog is unique in that it devotes itself fully to whatever it is raised with, so the pups are given to the farmers at a young age. Cheetahs, being skittish animals, will do as they typically do and hunt the farmers live stock. But, when they hear the dog barking they will run away, which saves the farmer from having to shoot the cheetah.

The zoo says Savannah and Max will always live together in the Cheetah Encounter; they are great friends and will help to spread the message of cheetah conservation and saving endangered animals.

Picture: Michelle Curley/Cincinnati Zoo (via Pictures of the day: 11 September 2012 - Telegraph)

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