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Naming Nemo: How the Storm Got Its Name

Back in October 2012, everybody was poohooing The Weather Channel’s (TWC) plan to start giving names to significant winter storms. Now it looks like a large number of reports on the storm, dubbed Nemo by TWC, have adopted the name (not all, by any means, but lots, including Discovery News).

What happened? I’ll say it in three words: search engine optimization. Despite very reasonable arguments against the naming of winter storms by many meteorologists, we are seeing them adopted anyway.

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What’s a Nor’easter?

A nor’easter is a type of cyclone that can pack hurricane force winds and dump torrents of rain or feet of snow. Cyclonic storms, including nor’easters and typhoons, form around low pressure systems in the atmosphere. Unlike their tropical typhoon cousins, nor’easters are fueled by cold air.

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One year ago right NOW (ish) a magnitude 5.8 earthquake hit near Mineral, Virginia.

Discovery Communications was closed following the earthquake.

This Discovery News employee absconded to a safe place for an afternoon margarita.


Washington Monument post earthquake. They had to clear the area of tourists!

-Washington Monument, DC. Photo taken by: me

Sadly, the Washington Monument is still closed for repairs a year later.  According to USAToday the monument may reopen in 2014.

A defense of the East Coast Earthquake reaction

listen up, everyone on the West Coast..and pay attention to the kicker.