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Red Dwarfs Could Sterilize Alien Worlds of Life

Red dwarf stars — the most common stars in the galaxy — bathe planets in their habitable zones with potentially deadly stellar winds, a finding that could have significant impacts on the prevalence of life beyond Earth, new research shows. Read more

Can Living Planets Exist Around Dead Stars? A news release last week reported what may seem self-evident to most planet hunters: white dwarf stars are lousy places to go looking for inhabited worlds. However, we’ve learned that exoplanets are so eclectic, that we should never say never.

Franklin Antonio, co-founder and chief scientist of the telecommunications company Qualcomm, has donated $3.5 million to the SETI Institute. That’s pretty awesome. Funds will be used to expand the Allen Telescope Array (ATA). Seems fitting that Qualcomm should step in with much-needed funding — detecting ET’s phone call will notch up some heavy long-distance charges…

Save the Galaxy, Destroy Humanity

In a study carried out by NASA and Pennsylvania State University scientists ("Would contact with extraterrestrials benefit or harm humanity? A scenario analysis"), several intelligent extraterrestrial encounter scenarios are examined.

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