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Dude! When’s the Next Big Wave?

As anyone knows, it’s easy to make waves. But a lot more than sloshing in the tub goes into the making of the sort of 100-plus-foot (30.5 meter) wave that surfer Garrett McNamara rode on Jan. 28, in Nazaré, Portugal.

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if i saw that cloud coming toward me i might seek shelter before snapping photos.

but perhaps that’s why i don’t win photo contests!

NASA’s Extreme Weather Photo Contest: Winners

Photo 1. This photo by Jason Weingart, a photography student at the University of Central Florida, shows a Volusia County lifeguard signaling to surfers at Ormond Beach, Fla., that it is time to exit the water.

Photo 2. Journalist Brian Allen with the Voice of America was at home in Arlington,  Va., when this storm rolled over Washington. “The storm that blew through started off with an incredible amount of lightning and then dumped a significant amount of rain in a short amount of time — on the other side of the river. DC got drenched and Arlington didn’t see a drop,” he reported.

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