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Posts tagged extreme weather

Green Lightning Revealed in Volcanic Eruption

Lightning researcher Arthur Few says he had probably looked at the two images of the May 3, 2008, volcanic lightning storm dozens of times before he noticed it: weird green channels of lightning. The volcano was Chaiten in Chile, which produced a spectacular light show caught by photographer Carlos Gutierrez. Read more…

Ah yes, “Green Lightning”: tequila, whisky, fresh-squeezed lime…

Photos: Super Typhoon Haiyan

The Philippines are beginning to assess the damage from Super Typhoon Haiyan, this year’s strongest storm and one for the record books.

U.S. Northeast Counts Cost of Deadly Storm Nemo

GALLERY: As blizzard “Nemo” hit the U.S. northeast and Canada, heavy snow brought the region to a standstill. See some of the incredible views from the last few days of snow chaos.

NEWS: Now that the worst has passed, the Nemo death toll (as of Sunday) has reached 9. Tens of thousands of people remain without power. Read more.

BLOG: With the help of eyewitnesses across the states impacted by Nemo, a blog by Discovery News’ Kieran Mulvaney gives a first-hand view on how the snowstorm impacted the lives of a handful of individuals.