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in case you missed it…

This Ghost Nebula is No Fake Sandy Photo

Join Trace as he calls out the fake photos of Hurricane Sandy, gets creeped out by a ghost nebula and finally explains how the giant moai statues were moved around on Easter Island!


America’s Facebook Generation Is Reading Strong

Taken from NPR:

In what may come as a pleasant surprise to people who fear the Facebook generation has given up on reading — or, at least, reading anything longer than 140 characters — a new report from the Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project reveals the prominent role of books, libraries and technology in the lives of young readers, ages 16 to 29.

Kathryn Zickuhr, the study’s main author, joins NPR’s David Greene to discuss the results.

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i’d wager this is because of e-readers and the micro-pricing and commoditization of the book business.

plus it’s easer to read 50 shards of whatever when no one can see the cover.

Bronze-Age ‘Facebook’ Stone Conveyed ‘Likes’

Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook (and wealth) may be making Tumblr headlines today. But we take a look at a Bronze Age version of Facebook that has emerged from granite rocks in Russia and northern Sweden, revealing a thousands-of-years-old timeline filled with an archaic version of the Facebook “like.”

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Virtual Afterlives Vex Lawmakers 

When people die, they leave all kinds of mementoes. For most of us, it’s manageable, if not emotionally trying to go through the photos, the old letters, the possessions and decide what goes to charity, gets inherited, gets tossed.

These days, that process is complicated by the existence of Facebook and Google+ pages, which compiles many possessions in a digital format. So far, laws cover how loved ones can manage the remaining physical objects  left behind after a death. But what of the virtual ones?

Several states are trying to deal with that question now. Oklahoma was the first. That law allows friends and relatives — and most importantly, the executor of an estate — to get control of Facebook accounts (provided the deceased lived in the state). Nebraska is proposing a similar measure, and there is some preliminary work on it being done in Oregon. In New York there is a proposal to name a “digital executor" before you die.

Connecticut, Rhode Island and Indiana have laws that cover email and electronic files, but it’s far from clear whether those laws cover Facebok as well.

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Music is Coming to Facebook

Tech rumors have whirled for a few years now that Facebook is getting close to integrating music into its social networking platform, and now the site has finally confirmed the gossip — sort of.

Thanks to a keen-eyed programmer who spotted some tell-tale music-related coding in the download link for Facebook Video Chat in early July, company sources leaked out word in late August that Facebook will pump up the jams after its f8 Conference on Sept. 22.

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The Man Who Got Us to 'Like' Everything 


The Wall Street Journal’s Geoffrey A. Fowler profiles Soleio Cuervo, Facebook’s product designer:

“We have a saying at Facebook: Photoshop lies,” said Mr. Cuervo. Instead of relying on mockups filled with pretty fake text, Facebook designers create Web-browser-ready versions of their designs that can be filled with real user content, which tends to look very different from what designers might want ideally. “On Photoshop, it is very easy for me to fabricate an imaginary world where users type in very poignant statements, but that is not how people will populate the system,” he said.

Geoffrey A. Fowler, The Wall Street Journal. The Man Who Got Us to ‘Like’ Everything.

H/T: Zach Seward.

Facebook relies on reality.