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Stealth Clothing Averts Government Snoopers

For airport X-ray machines, Harvey created a shirt with a printed design that blocks the radiation from one’s heart. View the gallery…

In the future, power suits may do more than command attention and exude confidence. They may actually charge your electronic devices.

Charge me up, Scotty!

Eco-Fashion Show: Photos

A glimpse at this fair trade lingerie should be enough to convince you that doing good has never looked so sexy.

What can the sustainability savvy shopper do to look hot without making the planet hotter? Take a peek at what the socially conscious clothing connoisseur can do to make a fashion statement that’s good for Earth.

more green clothing (not necessarily the color)…

Olympic Tech Faster Than Skin

A sock-esque shoe made out of yarn. A track speedsuit that’s faster than skin. Look at what the Olympic athletes will be wearing this summer.

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Princess Leia-Like Hologram Coming Soon

At a recent tech forum, Microsoft Research unveiled a prototype of an augmented reality application called Holoflector.

The system includes an LCD panel a few feet behind a large, translucent mirror equipped with a motion-detecting Kinect camera on top.

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Keyboard Jeans Are True ‘Laptop’

This pair of jeans has a set of speakers, a wireless mouse and a keyboard embedded into the upper thigh. So, you can type — literally — on your lap

The dungarees of the dot com age are the brainchild of Dutch twenty-somethings, Erik de Nijs and Tim Smit, of design company Nieuwe Heren, which translates to “new gents.”

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Benjamin Radford looks at the video of four-year-old Riley whose rants about pink toys for girls, blue toys for boys, is a wonderous thing.

He has some answers to her basic question: Why are most toys and clothing items for female babies and young girls pink, while many toys and items for male babies and young boys blue?

The choice of blue for infants has its roots in superstition.

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Women’s Clothing Sizes: Is a 4 Really a 4?

The recent hullabaloo over whether or not Kirstie Alley is a size 4 or a size 6 or maybe a size 10 had us wondering, what is the deal with women’s sizing, anyhow? A 10 at one store could be a 14 somewhere else.

Emily Sohn takes on this topic here.