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'Fishimal' Was Part Fish, Part Limbed Animal

Fossils for a creature that looked part fish and part limbed animal were recently found in northern Canada, a paper in the latest issue of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences reports. Read more

Wouldn’t want to meet one of these guys while having a swim…

Best Ocean Animal Photos of 2013

The Ocean Art Underwater Photo Competition, organized by the Underwater Photography Guide, announces its 2013 winners. Browse the gallery!

Questions from Kids: Why Don’t Fish Get Water In Their Eyes?

Your kids asked, so we asked the experts!

Q: Why don’t fish get water in their eyes? Find out the answer!

Underwater Invasions: Photos

Underwater photographer Jason Isley of, based in South East Asia, might be having a bit too much fun documenting marine organisms.

Actually, I think he’s having just the right amount of fun with these photos! I hope none of his figurines got swallowed though… Awesome.

Piranha Crowned Biting Champ of Fish World: The fierce fish ranks high in bite strength among all other vertebrates as well. Its extinct cousin, the “megapirahna” may have put an even bigger hurt on prey in the ancient Amazon basin.

Earth’s Prized Corals Discovered

A new survey of coral populations in the Western Indian Ocean reveals the home to the second most diverse population of corals on the planet.
Blues seem bluer in this vividly hued coral paradise.

see more photos…

he looks shocked to hear it…

Sharks Are Color Blind

These toothy predators likely see the world only in black and white.

The ramifications of this discovery could be huge, helping to save both sharks and people.

"Firstly, this knowledge may enable us to design fishing gear that is more specific for target fish species and thus reduces unnecessary bycatch of sharks."

"Secondly, it may help us to design equipment that is less attractive to sharks (wetsuits and surfboards, for example) that may help to reduce attacks on humans."

— Nathan Hart, research associate professor at the University of Western Australia’s School of Animal Biology and The Oceans

take a look…

The people of this island learned to catch and communicate with sharks in the Pacific from the creator of all things, Moroa. In a world where most humans view sharks with a mix of fear and loathing, Papua New Guinea is one of the few places where people embrace them.

'Shark Callers of Kontu' Feel at One with Sharks

Moroa made Lembe the shark before he made man but after he had made the sun and the moon and put fish and dolphins in the sea.

After creating [Lembe the shark], Moroa held Lembe by his tail (Papua New Guineans say you can still see the mark of Moroa’s thumb and forefinger on every shark in the sea) and explained to the shark the conditions on which he could approach man…

call it…

It would seem Discovery employees like to dress their dogs as sharks!

UPDATE: We Want your Pets Dressed as Sharks!

Does your pet have a photogenic shark costume? Dress up your pet and send us a photo! It doesn’t have to be an official costume like Bea. It could be cardboard like Lucy! But however you do it, get your pet in the Shark Week spirit and send us a photo. It could be featured on!

email us or add it as a reply to this post! Make sure you include if the pet was adopted (or is available for adoption), where you live, and your name!

Granted, fish aren’t *swimming* in space yet, but their high-tech microgravity marine habitat has just been delivered to the space station by the Japanese cargo spacecraft HTV-3:

Yes, it’s the moment we’ve all (secretly) been waiting for: Fish In Space!

Let’s just hope they do better than the Space Butterflies.

Read more…

This is a lovely creature.

The peacock flounder has two eyes on one side of its head.

A new study reveals the evolution. Fascinating. And this creature. *love*


Photo credit: Corbis

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