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Contaminated Spices Can Cause Salmonella

Not only were 7 percent of the spices it examined contaminated with the toxic bacteria salmonella, but 12 percent contained parts of insects, rodent hair or other filth.


3-D Printed Pizza to Feed Mars Colonists?

Well, the prototype 3-D pizza printer won’t actually feed the colonists — nice idea though — but the technique to print food has attracted a $125,000 NASA grant for a mechanical engineer to further develop his idea. Could it feed astronauts and the future Earth? Possibly.

Sautéed cicada, anyone? Might need some salt.

20 Animals You Could Eat But Probably Won’t

Squirrels? Dogs? Cats? Jellyfish?? Hell, I’d just settle for some 2 day-old roadkill. Perhaps not a skunk though

For more animal-eating weirdness, check out this gallery.

China to Grow Veggies on Mars? It’s no secret that China’s space program is progressing at fast rate, but could the nation leapfrog the US in the realm of human spaceflight by landing the first extraterrestrial “greenhouse” on Mars?

Tofu = Good Sex?

People who consume tofu and other plant-based foods might enjoy a better sex life than meat-eaters, suggests a new study that found certain plant products can influence hormone levels and heighten sexual activity.

A Thanksgiving Day meal with intentional insect ingredients is hardly the norm for most Americans, but it could be our future due to the cost, nutritional and environmental benefits of edible bugs.
"I’ll grab another slice of the Pumpkin Pie With Crickets!" Um, yum?


mississippi mud brownies: recipe here

i might have been on an airplane all day with a screaming kid but this looks amazing.

screw that, even if i had been at home eating pizza all day this would still look amazing. someone make it for me. k, thx.

As someone who occasionally enjoys a breakfast sandwich from our favorite faux-irish fast food hawker… Can One Drive-Through Breakfast Be That Bad? It turns out it can. In fact, just one Egg McMuffin-style fast food meal can hurt your arteries’ ability to increase blood flow under stress, researchers said in a new study.


The Pasta Cuteness Scale

via H.K.

where’s orecchiette pasta?! it looks like little hats… so cute.


Cinnamon Roll Waffles of the Day: Do it yourself! Or follow the easiest directions ever.


omg. i skipped breakfast and i am now regretting it.

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