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Mystery Particle To Make Devices Even Tinier

A strange, newly discovered particle could shrink a laptop computer’s hard drive to the size of a peanut and an iPod’s drive to the size of a rice grain. Read more

A Touch Screen You Can Pinch, Poke and Stretch

There are touch screen displays and 3-D displays, but now there’s one that combines the two: a flexible screen that users can pinch, poke and stretch. Read more

iPhones With Parachutes, Wings and Thrusters?

A new Apple patent details some curious “self-righting” technologies that could put an end to the dreaded cracked screen. The U.S. patent application is for protective mechanisms that would “selectively alter a center of mass” of a device, compliments of a variety of aeronautical features even James Bond could get behind. Read more.

Wow. Someone is over-thinking this problem… I think I’ll stick with my homemade “carved-out sponge” iPhone case, thank you very much ;)

Is Apple Developing a Smart Watch?

What will it look like? Speculation is rampant, and yet, no official word…

DNews’ Anthony Carboni is in Vegas at CES… check it out. (I’m sooooo getting an Attacknid)

CES is currently wowing the world with new gadgets and Discovery News is covering the event. First up, the fork that knows how much you’re eating! How can you not live without one of these?!

Smart Fork Tracks Your Eating Habits: The HAPIfork (pronounced happy fork) uses gentle vibrations to nudge eaters into slowing their chomping down, this smart fork purports to help digestion and weight control by providing insightful analytics about your food schedule.

Actually, I don’t like to be interrupted while chewing…

Don’t just assume the best gifts this year will be waiting under the tree. You may find some of the coolest gadgets hanging by the mantle. Just keep in mind as you rush to the fireplace, footie pajamas can be slippery. So take your time, but amble quickly. Cause everything in this roundup is something you’ll want to play around with way more than but once a year.

Get a clue! Browse our top 12 gadgets to buy this Christmas!

Google Maps have an app for the iPhone at last! Awesome?

Our options for getting around are only increasing, but without more comprehensive apps we may wind up going in circles on our phones first.

Read more of Rob Pegoraro’s Apple Maps vs. Google Maps head-to-head.

In the future, power suits may do more than command attention and exude confidence. They may actually charge your electronic devices.

Charge me up, Scotty!

If you’re the type to work hard and play hard you’ll want these great tech toys to help you get the most of your dorm.

10 Gadgets to Have Badass Dorm Room

Just because you don’t have a fake ID or car on campus doesn’t mean you can’t quickly garner notoriety among your peers. 

College students are getting ready to lug possessions to a bland new college dorm. Yeah, that’s right; we said “bland.” Personalize the space with gadgets and gizmos that make living away from home more bearable. 

keep the door open…

I lived in the residence halls for three years. I loved them. There’s no better place to meet lots of different, cool people.  And seriously, keep your door open! How else would you meet people?

DiscoveryNews Tech Team’s Favorite Gadgets

In July 2011, Discovery News Tech expanded its coverage to include gadgets.

We added three new bloggers to our team and began rolling out reviews, slideshows and blog posts about the latest, greatest gizmos. To celebrate our team and the one-year anniversary, we decided to pull together a personal list of the gadgets we use on a regular basis. Some of these devices are sophisticated electronics but others are simple plastic tools. All of them make our lives easier and may give some insight into each of our personalities. This slideshow is by no means a endorsement or a review of these products — it’s for entertainment purposes only.

See each of the team’s favorite gadgets here.

Top Image: Rob Pegoraro, Alice Truong, Jesse Emspak, Alyssa Danigelis, Scott Tharler, Christina Ortiz, Nic Halverson

Bottom Image: Tech Editor Tracy Staedter and her dog Leyla.

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