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Google Glass and Augmented Reality’s Future

DNews’ Anthony breaks down Google’s Glass technology and asks: Is it a step in the right direction?

Google Maps North Korea

Details of cities and even prison camps in North Korea became more visible on Tuesday when Google updated its Google Maps application to include information citizen cartographers have been providing it about the country through a crowdsourcing development program called Map Maker. Read more…

Google Maps have an app for the iPhone at last! Awesome?

Our options for getting around are only increasing, but without more comprehensive apps we may wind up going in circles on our phones first.

Read more of Rob Pegoraro’s Apple Maps vs. Google Maps head-to-head.

"No matter who you vote for, make sure you vote."


Google Politics (@googlepolitics): “When @BarackObama’s #DNC2012 speech ended at 11:03 p.m. ET, @google searches for “register to vote” doubled nationwide. #googlepolitics”

if you picked out the west wing rip-off there. gold star for you.

haven’t registered? find out how here.

Google’s self-driving car gets a thumbs up from the California Senate to be road eligible.

Not long now…


The California Senate unanimously passed a bill favoring autonomous vehicle operation on the roads of the Golden State.

Now the bill has to be approved by the State Assembly, which is expected to give it the green light within the next month, and then eventually head to Governor Jerry Brown’s desk. 

It’s exciting to see how quickly things are moving for autonomous vehicles to become available in light of how regulated transportation is in the US. 

Full report here.

Lets go exploring!! Anyone else love learning about ancient Egypt?

It also kind of looks like a shark’s tooth.

Lost Egyptian Pyramids Found?

"Upon closer examination of the formation, this mound appears to have a very flat top and a curiously symmetrical triangular shape that has been heavily eroded with time," Micol wrote in her website Google Earth Anomalies.

"The images speak for themselves. It’s very obvious what the sites may contain but field research is needed to verify they are, in fact, pyramids," Micol said.

can you find them…?

Google Unveils New South Pole Views

This week Google debuted a new set of panoramic images from the South Pole. Taken in partnership with on-site researchers from the University of Minnesota’s Polar Geospatial Center, these interactive views shed light on remote locations such as Ernest Shackleton’s early shelter and the Adélie penguin rookery.

The images were captured using off-the-shelf equipment that included a digital SLR camera with a fisheye lens, said Alex Starns, a Google technical program manager for Street View whose work covers operations in Asia Pacific and Antarctica.

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Google Demos ‘Glass’ With Crazy Skydiving Stunt

To show off a prototype version of its "Project Glass" augmented-reality eyewear announced last winter, Google required an airship, four wingsuits and parachutes, sign-offs from local and federal government agencie, favorable winds and — not least — reliable mobile broadband.

The craziest stunt I’ve ever seen at a technology event came about an hour and a half into the keynote opening Google’s I/O developer conference at San Francisco’s Moscone West conference center Wednesday morning. Google co-founder Sergey Brin barged onstage to interrupt a demo by vice president Vic Gundotra of an Events invitation service for its Google+ social network.

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Asteroid Mining Coming Via Google and Co.?

Taking platinum, other precious metals and rare minerals from asteroids is the focus of new company backed by Google founders and James Cameron.

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Google Street View Goes Under The Sea

Now that it’s conquered all seven continents, mapped the Amazon, some rivers in the United States, caves, the ruins of Pompeii and captured snapshots of naked women, Google Street View’s next expedition will turn its lens on the mysteries of the deep when it goes under the sea.

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Naked Woman Captured By Google Street View

This gives a bit more credence to the idea that nothing and nowhere is private anymore.

A full-frontal photo of a Miami woman standing on her front porch with a jug of water was captured by Google ‘street view’ cameras.

Normally, Google is fairly quick to blur any naughty bits or identifying information like faces and license plates, but the Smoking Gun pointed out on Friday, September 9, that the photo had slipped through the hands of Google censors.

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