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Time to get your physics on!

"Supersymmetry isn’t in the hospital; many of its variants — more of them than last week — are just plain dead, while others are still very much alive and healthy," Strassler wrote. “There’s still a long way to go before we’ll really have confidence that the Standard Model correctly predicts all of the phenomena at the LHC.”

Discovery News physics writer Jennifer Ouellette discusses love, life and the wonderful complexity of our Universe (oh, and why supersymmetry certainly isn’t dead — despite what you may have read to the contrary). Read more.

Higgs Boson Likely a ‘Boring’ Boson: “The thing with physicists is that they love discovering something unexpected, strange or exotic. This mindset is what makes physics, and indeed all science disciplines, awesome. But in light of the grand announcement of the probable discovery of the elusive Higgs boson in July, it looks like the particle that was discovered is likely a “standard” Higgs boson. As in, it’s a little bit boring.

OK, it’s not really boring. The Higgs boson could never be boring. Just a little, um, antisocial? Find out more.