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Higgs-Hatin’: ‘Vanilla’ Boson May Be Real

Forget the Higgs boson’s delusions of grandeur, the exchange particle that gives stuff mass appears to be something of a disappointment.

No, physicists haven’t disproven its existence. And no, the Higgs boson hasn’t jetted off to a Caribbean island, run up a huge bar tab, thrown TVs out of hotel windows and been arrested for getting into a drunken brawl — rockstar style. On the contrary.

Actually, it’s looking more and more likely that the Higgs boson is kinda boring. In the words of Caltech cosmologist Sean Carroll, the Higgs boson is “looking pretty vanilla.” He’s not alone.

Higgs Boson Discovery = Cosmic Doomsday?

If calculations of the newly discovered Higgs boson particle are correct, one day, tens of billions of years from now, the universe will disappear at the speed of light, replaced by a strange, alternative dimension, one theoretical physicist calls “boring.” Read more

Time to get your physics on!

"Supersymmetry isn’t in the hospital; many of its variants — more of them than last week — are just plain dead, while others are still very much alive and healthy," Strassler wrote. “There’s still a long way to go before we’ll really have confidence that the Standard Model correctly predicts all of the phenomena at the LHC.”

Discovery News physics writer Jennifer Ouellette discusses love, life and the wonderful complexity of our Universe (oh, and why supersymmetry certainly isn’t dead — despite what you may have read to the contrary). Read more.

Higgs Boson Likely a ‘Boring’ Boson: “The thing with physicists is that they love discovering something unexpected, strange or exotic. This mindset is what makes physics, and indeed all science disciplines, awesome. But in light of the grand announcement of the probable discovery of the elusive Higgs boson in July, it looks like the particle that was discovered is likely a “standard” Higgs boson. As in, it’s a little bit boring.

OK, it’s not really boring. The Higgs boson could never be boring. Just a little, um, antisocial? Find out more.


Particle hunters at work in 1960.

In today’s great physics experiments, global computing grids do a lot of the heavy lifting as scientists seek fundamental breakthroughs like the fabled Higgs boson. But five decades ago, similar discoveries required that researchers spend hours manually sifting through actual photographs of subatomic wreckage. These ladies are doing just that: looking through the bubble tracks of yesteryear’s cutting-edge experiments and identifying fundamental photographic gold.

The work was probably tedious, but at least the discovery images from bubble chambers were kind of stunning.

could you imagine explaining your job to someone over a drink? it might get a bit isotopic… get it… heavy……….. nevermind.

Is It a Higgs Boson Imposter?

Physicists have spotted something that looks like the Higgs boson, but what if it’s actually a more exotic Higgs doppelganger?

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Listen to the Higgs Boson

Researchers say they have “sonified” the data from the Atlas experiment at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in Switzerland, making it possible to “hear” the newly discovered Higgs Boson-like particle, dubbed the “God particle” by Nobel-prize winning physicist Leon Lederman.

link to the recording and more here

Photo: Score of the sonification. The bump corresponding to the new particle is represented by a F note which is two octaves above the preceding F note, a C which is the most acute note in the music, representing the peak of the Higgs, and a E note. Credit: Domenico Vicinanza

How the Higgs Could Become Annoying

Yes, the discovery of the Higgs boson is thrilling and game-changing. But it could also introduce some aggravating situations.

This is kind of a counterpoint to the last post an earlier post and a fabulous piece by contributor Sharon Klotz, sister of regular space and science writer Irene Klotz 

The Klotz sisters were discussing the Higgs boson and Sharon, an astrophysicist, wanted more time to think her thoughts through.

And, as Irene puts it, “She ended up with this funny, and imho insightful, essay.”

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Higgs Discovery Could Lead to Mind-Bending Technologies

"If you could manipulate the Higgs field locally, you’d have a great Star Trek device. You could make objects disappear. It’d be a great weapon, a great magic trick — if you could put things back together again," Krauss told Discovery News.

But how to tweak the field, believed to be responsible for giving matter its substance?

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Scientists Celebrating Higgs Boson Discovery

During the Higgs boson discovery announcement, scientists at CERN had some time to celebrate.

In this photo, CERN scientific director Lyn Evans turns to the crowds, with a celebratory fist in the air, as he is applauded for his work overseeing the science behind the LHC. Credit: Getty

more images here

Stephen Hawking Loses Higgs Boson Bet

The world famous physicist wagered $100 AGAINST a Higgs discovery.

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Image: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Particle ‘Consistent’ With Higgs Boson Discovered

The Higgs boson mediates the “Higgs field” that ultimately endows all matter with mass — finding the Higgs is therefore imperative for physicists to understand what gives the Universe substance. In other words, this discovery could lead to a whole new understanding of how the universe began.

When reports first surfaced that Peter Higgs — one of the six physicists who, in the 1960s, developed the theory behind Higgs boson — had been invited to CERN for this morning’s announcement, the event became hard to ignore: something historic was about to happen.

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A helpful piece on how stuff works on "What exactly is the Higgs boson?"

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