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Enormous Shrimp Was Gentle Giant of Cambrian Seas

A top predator approximately 540 million years ago was an over two-foot-long shrimp relative that was the first known actively swimming filter feeder, according to the latest issue of Nature. Read more

Cheesy Afterlife: Lumps of Oldest Cheese Found on Mummies Necks, Chests

The world’s oldest cheese has been found on the necks and chests of perfectly preserved mummies buried in China’s desert sand. Dating back as early as 1615 B.C., the lumps of yellowish organic material have provided direct evidence for the oldest known dairy fermentation method. The individuals were likely buried with the cheese so they could savor it in the afterlife. Read more

Ruins Near Pyramids Reveal Leopard Teeth, Calf Bones

The remains of a mansion that likely held high-ranking officials some 4,500 years ago have been discovered near Egypt’s Giza Pyramids. Bones from young cattle and teeth from leopards suggest its residents ate and dressed like royalty. Read more

Beyoncé Criticized, ‘Insensitive’ to Challenger Tragedy

Two weeks ago, singer Beyoncé released a surprise self-titled album that went on to make record sales. Unfortunately, it has come to light that a music video for one of the album’s songs featured audio from the space shuttle Challenger accident in 1986. Read more

GALLERY: 100-Year-Old Negatives Found in Antarctica

Antarctic Heritage Trust conservators recently made a stunning discovery: a box of 22 exposed but unprocessed negatives, frozen in a block of ice for nearly one hundred years. Take a look at some of the processed pieces of history

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Nelson Mandela: A Life in Photos

Nelson Mandela, a former political prisoner who went on to become South Africa’s first black president, died Thursday. He was 95. Mandela received around the clock intensive care from military and other doctors since September, when he was discharged from a nearly three-month hospital stay for a lung infection.

The Right Stuff: Scott Carpenter’s Mission

Last week, we lost a NASA astronaut legend. Here is his legacy.

It’s Official: Voyager 1 is an Interstellar Probe

After a 35-year, 13-billion mile journey, NASA’s Voyager 1 spacecraft become the first human-made object to reach interstellar space, new evidence from a team of scientists shows.

“It’s kind of like landing on the moon. It’s a milestone in history. Like all science, it’s exploration. It’s new knowledge,” long-time Voyager scientist Donald Gurnett, with the University of Iowa, told Discovery News. Read more

New Historic Space Photos Unearthed

Old space images are new again. University College London has released rare historical spaceflight images. See the entire gallery

Royal Pain: 6 Strange Ailments of Famous Rulers

"Not only was Richard III affected by a severe scoliosis — a curvature of the spine — he was also infested with parasitic worms that grew up to a foot in length."

Wow. TMI? You bet! Here are another 5 hideous ailments…

Know Your Giant Monsters!

It’s like the old saying goes: Nothing is certain in life except for death, taxes and giant monsters rising out of sea.

From director Guillermo del Toro, “Pacific Rim” is an old-fashioned creature feature in which colossal monsters battle titanic robots to determine the fate of all mankind. As the monsters — collectively called Kaiju — ravage cities worldwide, scientists deploy 25-story-high robots called Jaegers to defend the population. The film is a tribute to those old Godzilla movies from Japan, with visual effects and creature design from some of the leading artists in the business.

In creating the film’s Kaiju monsters, the designers looked to the animal kingdom. Director del Toro instructed his team to draw inspiration from nature’s scariest creatures, especially lizards, crustaceans and insects. Of course, the old attack-of-the-giant-monsters premise has been a go-to idea in science fiction movies from as far back as the 1930s. Here we take a look at the history of giant monsters in film, as well as the some of real-world creatures that inspired them.

Browse the gallery!

10 Crazy Fads That Swept America

Sometimes, you’ve just got to plank. Or sit on a pole. Or streak.

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