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Man Gets 3D-Printed Skull

Why yes, we can print you a new body part. A motorcycle accident victim in Wales just had his skull surgically reconstructed by a team that used 3-D technology to print custom implants for him. Read more

Twisted Threads Make Strong, Supple Robots

The current generation of robots always seem so, well, robotic. Their herky-jerky movements are the result of the stiff wires and pulleys that contract and expand to move their limbs. But what if robo-muscles were more like our own; strong, yet supple, self-sufficient for long periods of time (think of the human battery life versus a robot’s) and able to make complex fine motor movements like writing or sewing. Read more

Is Violence Contagious?

Is violence contagious? A recent spate of incidents in both Colorado and Maryland suggests that bad things tend to happen in clumps, a syndrome that psychologists have known about for decades. Read more

10 ‘Sexiest’ Stories of 2013

In this slideshow, explore the most interesting stories about the science of sexuality, gender and reproduction published by Discovery News in 2013.

13 Things You Shouldn’t Do on Friday the 13th

Another Friday the 13th is almost upon us, and it will inevitably raise fears of bad luck in some people. It’s 2013; we have satellites in orbit, we can talk live on small portable devices between nearly any two points on Earth, and we can see more cat videos in one day than our forefathers could have dared dream of. Read more

Pah! I don’t believe in Friday 13th. *taps on wood*

VIDEO: Why Don’t People Believe in Bisexuality?

Sexuality is more about just being gay or straight. New research shows that many people ignore or don’t believe in bi and asexuality, despite the fact there’s scientific evidence supporting the existence of both. Laci Green looks at why this is.

Ever wanted to completely forget a bad memory? Anthony reports on the discovery of a gene that could aid in memory extinction and bring to life a real Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Watch!

Supreme Court Gives Major Victory to Gay Couples

The U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday struck down a controversial federal law that defines marriage as a union between a man and a woman, in a major victory for supporters of same-sex marriage. Read more

10 Crazy Fads That Swept America

Sometimes, you’ve just got to plank. Or sit on a pole. Or streak.

Few issues in the medical community are more heart wrenching than organ donation. With a limited number of donor organs available, some patients will live while others will not. Laci looks at how the whole system works. Watch the video!

Download Your Memories; Retrieve Them Later

Could human memories be uploaded and stored — just like data — in a computer? Scientists say not now, but in the coming decades it’s likely we’ll be able to store our memories in a way that allows us to retrieve them later. Long the stuff of science fiction novels, this kind of merger between computer technology and the human brain is being pushed by new findings in neuroscience, as well as advances in computer science and artificial intelligence. Read more

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