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Hurricane Sandy’s Path of Destruction

Hurricane Sandy slammed the east coast of the United States on Monday and is on track to continue to pound the area through Tuesday night.

With up to 90-mph winds and 11-foot storm surges that forecasters called “life-threatening,” the 900-mile wide hurricane has caused widespread damage in an area unaccustomed to such violent storms. Up to 50 million people are threatened by the storm’s impact.

Take a look at some of the damage wrought by this historic storm…

Curious to see where Sandy’s flying? Want to see live cameras of the affected areas or learn more about the storm itself?

Check out the Discovery News Storm Tracker! 

Across the eastern United States, Americans scrambled to stock up on supplies and secure homes as Hurricane Sandy — billed as a superstorm — lumbered north after leaving dozens dead in the Caribbean. 

The center of the so-called Frankenstorm is expected to move over the coast of the Mid-Atlantic states this evening or tonight. “The storm is expected to transition into a frontal or wintertime low pressure system prior to making landfall, though this transition will not be accompanied by a weakening of the system. And in fact, a little strengthening is possible during this process,” reported the National Hurricane Center.

this and lots more in the DNews Storm Tracker…



The Subway Looks Kind of Creepy When Its Empty

It’s a rare sight to behold in the city of 24-hour everything. 

[Image: Flickr/MTA]

And also surprisingly clean.

I wonder what it sounds like down there…

Top 10 Worst Weather Disasters

The Earth has the most complicated atmosphere in the solar system, so complicated that meteorologists look to other planets to understand how our weather works. Combined with its constantly active plate tectonics, our planet is truly an adventurous place to live.

As the East Coast of the United States braces for a storm of historic proportions in Hurricane Sandy, we take a look back at awesome Earth events past, from earthquakes, to blizzards, to floods.

Earth’s Deadliest Natural Disasters

Katrina was one of American history’s deadliest and costliest natural disasters.
Throughout history massive storms have toppled human ambitions and left suffering and death in their wake. Particular natural disasters stand out from the line up of perpetrators as particularly devastating natural born killers.

read more…

Holy. Crap.


People sit on a bench along the seawall on Lakeshore Drive along Lake Pontchartrain, as Hurricane Isaac approaches landfall, in New Orleans Picture: Gerald Herbert/AP (via Pictures of the day: 29 August 2012 - Telegraph)

Crazy people.

Do not underestimate the power of the dark side of the forc— of nature. I meant dark side of nature

Hurricane Issac From Space: Gotta-See Video

Hurricane Isaac headed past Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Haiti on its way through the Caribbean, and the GOES-14 satellite captured it in beautiful clarity. This is only one minute of the hurricane’s life; it actually moves that quickly.

don’t miss this…

“You know how when you’re in a mall and it’s coming down in sheets, and you think, I’ll give it five minutes, and when it lets up I’ll run to my car? Well, imagine that it didn’t let up until the next day.”

My thought: I hope Auntie Annie’s is open 24-hours.


Special weather coverage in the September issue of National Geographic: Extreme Weather.

Rains that are almost biblical, heat waves that don’t end, tornadoes that strike in savage swarms—there’s been a change in the weather lately. What’s going on?

Image: Prairie storm in Montana

Pets During Hurricanes: What to Do

Experts share their pet safety tips.




Katharine Hepburn on surviving the “Long Island Express” hurricane: “My God. It was something devastating—and unreal—like the beginning of the world—or the end of it—and I slogged and sloshed, crawled through ditches and hung on to keep going somehow—got drenched and bruised and scratched—completely bedraggled—finally got to where there was a working phone and called Dad.” 

Stay safe, East Coast-ers!

only Kate can say “slogged and sloshed” and make it sound so nice

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