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Posts tagged meteorite

Russian Meteor Likely An Apollo Asteroid Chunk

After some very cool sleuthing by two astronomers, the true nature of the Russian meteor has been uncovered. Turns out it has a similar orbit to the Earth-crossing Apollo-class asteroids. This was a warning shot, there’s bigger ones out there [cue Jaws music] Read more

It’s a space rock frenzy! In this DNews video, Trace explains what the Russian meteor was all about and I chip in to discuss some asteroid impact mitigation strategies!

What. A. Day.

Russian Meteor: What’s With All The Dash Cams?

If, like me, you were sitting dumbstruck watching Youtube videos depicting a raging ball of fire falling out of the sky in the early hours this morning, you may have been equally dumbstruck by the sheer number of eyewitness videos. There are videos of the object exploding into a bright orb, there’s dramatic footage of the moment when the shock wave blew out windows, but above all, there’s a crazy number of videos shot from the dashboards of cars. What’s that about? Read more