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Amazing map of the world with each country depicted in its national currency. More striking currency art here.

our money is so green. we should throw a bit more color in there.

(via explore-blog)

"It’s also important to note that income tax is just one of several federal taxes.

The payroll tax, which funds Medicare and Social Security, is another big source of revenue for the government. And most households that don’t pay income tax do pay payroll tax.”



The 47 Percent, In One Graphic

Mitt Romney’s comments regarding the 47 percent of Americans who pay no income tax is getting lots of attention today. Our colleague Mark Memmott explains the context.

Here’s a closer look at the numbers.

10 Easy Ways to Save Money

So useful! Thanks HSW! Welcome weekend pennies!


This one everyone should read (but especially if you’re looking for some easy ways to save money): 10 Easy Ways to Save Money!

Canadians Will Pay With Plastic Bills

The Bank of Canada this week unveiled its new polymer banknotes. Plastic money is nothing new -– several countries use it (the Australians were the first, in 1988). But these notes are a bit different. The bank’s scientific advisor, Martine Warren, told Discovery News they were designed to be secure well into the future, even taking into account the evolution of counterfeiting technology.