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Want your bad sciiiiience…

how about a little Lady Gaga to start the day?

Aw, snap. There goes all my money.


finally, the beatles remasters are coming to vinyl


a good list.

Johnny Cash’s short, perfect to-do list (via)

a good list.


Johnny Cash’s short, perfect to-do list (via)

(via onthemedia)

i love the blues.


Photo of the Day: Taken along the “blues route” through the streets of Chicago.

Photo by: Javier Arcenillas (Madrid, Spain); Chicago, Illinois.


(via smithsonianmag)

I had Kris Kross’ “Jump, Jump” on Cassingle.

I wish I’d had this too.


Bill Nye the Science Guy: “Water Cycle Jump” - One of Bill Nye’s famous science raps.

Headphone Heads-Up

To help wade through the seemingly countless options on the market, two Discovery colleagues share their insights on 20 new and relevant headphones. Taking on a pair at a time.


NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity has just become the Red Planet’s first public radio service, transmitting singer’s new track “Reach for the Stars” to Earth.

…a collaboration between, NASA and Discovery Education!

I’m with you. I’m. With. You.


Enough is enough.

(original photo by Boscomichael via Cute Overload)

This looks like a canyon we could park the station wagon next to that while on family vacation.


a single groove in a vinyl record magnified 1000 times (via)

SpaceX Creates Epic Dragon Mission Video

SpaceX made history when their commercial Dragon spacecraft docked with the space station. Now you can watch the whole mission in an epic music video.

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