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Why Should We Worry About North Korea?

North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un could be bluffing. He could be talking about attacking South Korea as a way of keeping himself in power, or proving to his people and his neighbors that he is in command rather than his generals. But what if he isn’t? What if an attack did occur? What would it look like?

BREAKING: North Korea carries out third nuke test despite growing tensions in the region

North Korea staged an apparent nuclear test of six to seven kilotons in a striking act of defiance that if confirmed is sure to trigger global condemnation from enemies and allies alike. Read more

EDIT: N. Korea has confirmed they carried out the test.

Google Maps North Korea

Details of cities and even prison camps in North Korea became more visible on Tuesday when Google updated its Google Maps application to include information citizen cartographers have been providing it about the country through a crowdsourcing development program called Map Maker. Read more…

Today’s “oops” goes to…

London’s Olympics got off to an embarrassing start when North Korea’s women footballers refused to play after a mix-up over their national flag, in one of a series of blunders.

Instead of the N. Korean flag, this happened.

Read more on DNews…