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Ace Anti-Asteroid Nuke Strikes Twice: As the HAIV speeds toward an asteroid target, the two components will separate. The leader will slam into the surface of the asteroid, excavating a 100-meter wide crater. A split second later, the follower (containing the nuclear weapon) will fly into the fresh hole and then detonate below the surface. Asteroid decimation will ensue.

Eat THAT, asteroid.

New Yorker Ian Thomas Ash is a freelance documentary filmmaker who has lived in Tokyo for the last 10 years. Since the earthquake, tsunami and resulting meltdown at the Fukushima nuclear power plant in March 2011, Ian has provided Discovery News with a personal insight to the ongoing impact the disasters have inflicted on the people who live in the region. In this powerful blog, Ian features two of his most recent short videos filmed from inside the radiation exclusion zone where children are surrounded by the invisible threat and the future is uncertain for the radioactive ghost towns of a once-thriving region:

Fukushima Nuclear Ghost Town’s Secrets Revealed

Although my work has generally been focused on what is happening to the children who are living and going to school in this area of abnormally high radiation, I have recently turned my camera on another of Fukushima’s victims: its nuclear ghost towns.

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