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Has your GPS gone a bit wonky? Don’t worry, that’s just a rogue state triggering a couple of nukes. (It’s more likely bad signal though…). From DNews Earth writer Larry O’Hanlon:

GPS Tracks Secret Nuke Tests: New research into GPS disturbances high up in Earth’s ionosphere reveals that sometimes the “noise” in the GPS signals are secret underground nuclear tests. Not only that, but tests with archived GPS data not only detect the nukes, but can be used to track the ionospheric noise back to its source.

Ace Anti-Asteroid Nuke Strikes Twice: As the HAIV speeds toward an asteroid target, the two components will separate. The leader will slam into the surface of the asteroid, excavating a 100-meter wide crater. A split second later, the follower (containing the nuclear weapon) will fly into the fresh hole and then detonate below the surface. Asteroid decimation will ensue.

Eat THAT, asteroid.