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'Aquanauts' Begin Month-Long Underwater Mission

Fabien Cousteau and a team of “aquanauts” will spend a record 31 days living and working underwater as part of the expedition, dubbed Mission 31. Read more

Costa Concordia Cruise Liner Claims Another Life

The shipwreck of the Costa Concordia claimed another life on Saturday — more than two years after the cruise liner capsized off the coast of Giglio Island, killing 32 people. Read more

Best Ocean Animal Photos of 2013

The Ocean Art Underwater Photo Competition, organized by the Underwater Photography Guide, announces its 2013 winners. Browse the gallery!

Dude! When’s the Next Big Wave?

As anyone knows, it’s easy to make waves. But a lot more than sloshing in the tub goes into the making of the sort of 100-plus-foot (30.5 meter) wave that surfer Garrett McNamara rode on Jan. 28, in Nazaré, Portugal.

Whoa! Read more…

The Record-Breaking Sex Lives of Barnacles

They have the largest penises (relative to body size) in the animal kingdom and now researchers find they are adept at collecting sperm directly from the water. “The unique ‘shoot and catch’ system marks a first for crustaceans,” says Discovery News’ Jennifer Viegas. Impressive. Read more…

Vertical Caves: Exploring Blue Holes

Tourists and hard-core adventurers are attracted to underwater caves around the world, some hundreds of feet deep. Free divers sink into the darkness without supplemental oxygen for record-breaking dives. Above, the Blue Hole in Belize Barrier Reef. Open gallery…

Shipping Makes Way for Whales:  The global shipping regulator, the International Maritime Organization, recently announced it will adjust the economically crucial shipping lanes leading into the bustling ports of California, thereby reducing danger to the whales that ply those same waters. The changes will likely take effect this year.

Whale X-ing signs needed I think…

Japanese Public on Whale Meat: ‘Meh’:

"The majority (of the Japanese public) - 55 percent - said they were neither for whaling nor against it, a collective shoulder shrug that appears to belie the insistence by the country’s officials that continued whaling is a matter of great national pride and import."

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Drone Sub-Hunter to Patrol Seas:

…now the Pentagon wants to build a drone sub-hunter that can chase enemy craft for up to two months at a time without any human operator at the helm.

Floating offshore oil drilling platforms, offshore wind farms and buoys are vulnerable to waves, especially those from storm swells. But a team of engineers has found a way to make those ocean-faring structures invisible to waves. The technique could help protect marine structures from damage when big storms hit.

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scientists cut open the stomachs of 67 northern fulmars, a type of seabird, which had died and been beached on the coasts of British Columbia, Washington and Oregon […] Nearly 93 percent of the birds harbored plastic in their stomachs, the research team reported in the journal Marine Pollution Bulletin. And each bird contained an average of nearly 37 pieces of plastic. One bird had 454 pieces in its stomach.

Read more of Emily Sohn’s article, “Pacific NW Seabirds Stuffed Full of Plastic

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