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in case you missed it…

This Ghost Nebula is No Fake Sandy Photo

Join Trace as he calls out the fake photos of Hurricane Sandy, gets creeped out by a ghost nebula and finally explains how the giant moai statues were moved around on Easter Island!

sorry to hurt your feelings social media, but these all be fake.

Top Fake Hurricane Photos

As Hurricane Sandy clobbered the the most populated region of the United States, many people took to social media and the Internet to receive and circulate information about what experts called a 100-year storm.

As is typically the case with natural disasters — especially in this digital age — viral photos quickly put a face on the catastrophe. However, it turns out many of the most popular images pinballing around the Internet during the storm were either fake or outdated. Even major media outlets got duped.

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Twenty-nine of history’s most iconic scientists in one photograph – now in color!

can we do this to all old photos?


I can’t get over how fantastic this image is. It was originally captured in 1927 at the fifth Solvay Conference, one of the most star-studded meetings of scientific minds in history. Notable attendees included Albert Einstein, Niels Bohr, Marie Curie, Erwin Schrödinger, Werner Heisenberg, Wolfgang Pauli, Paul Dirac and Louis de Broglie — to name a few.

Of the 29 scientists in attendance (the majority of whom contributed to the fields of physics and chemistry), over half of them were, or would would go to become, Nobel laureates. (It bears mentioning that Marie Curie, the only woman in attendance at the conference, remains the only scientist in history to be awarded Nobel Prizes in two different scientific fields.)

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Sharks… In Space?

Let’s be honest. No matter how jazzed you are about great whites and black holes, you probably won’t think of Space and Shark Week at the same time.

As it turns out, however, there are at least five fascinating links (and one we totally made-up) between these Earth-bound killers of the deep blue and the mysteries of the outer dark.

float on…

The Man Who Got Us to 'Like' Everything 


The Wall Street Journal’s Geoffrey A. Fowler profiles Soleio Cuervo, Facebook’s product designer:

“We have a saying at Facebook: Photoshop lies,” said Mr. Cuervo. Instead of relying on mockups filled with pretty fake text, Facebook designers create Web-browser-ready versions of their designs that can be filled with real user content, which tends to look very different from what designers might want ideally. “On Photoshop, it is very easy for me to fabricate an imaginary world where users type in very poignant statements, but that is not how people will populate the system,” he said.

Geoffrey A. Fowler, The Wall Street Journal. The Man Who Got Us to ‘Like’ Everything.

H/T: Zach Seward.

Facebook relies on reality.