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Talking Plants Could Speak Planet’s Problems

Over the millions of years that plants have evolved, they’ve reacted to multitudes of stimuli for the sheer fact that they can’t get up and walk away. In doing so, vegetation releases tell-tale electrical signals that researchers believed can be harnessed to effectively turn plants into biosensors. Read more

Flowers Communicate With Electricity

Flowers may be silent, but scientists have just discovered that electric fields allow them to communicate with bumblebees and possibly other species, including humans. Read more

(I KNEW my flowering office cactus was trying to communicate with me before it fell on my lap… then it really got my attention.)

Pollen is freaky lookin’.


I’ve posted this one before, actually. It was a few weeks back, and in black and white, so I figured an update with coloration and IDs would be worth tossing on the wall.

Pollen: Pollen from sunflower, morning glory, lily and castor bean magnified some 500 x by Dartmouth Electron Microscope Facility and colorized by William Crochot.

see some nanoart…

Antarctic Moss Lives Off Penguin Poo

The moss grows in the Antarctic summer and can be an indicator of climate change. Using nitrogen analysis of the soil, scientists found nutrients from seabirds’ waste entering the plants.
"They form these big turfs of bright, almost fluorescent green. It is really soft and velvety to touch, and warms with the sun. It’s quite a lot warmer than the air," said plant biologist Sharon Robinson.

keep on goin…