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US Parks Accidentally Fertilized By Air Pollution

America’s national parks receive harmful, accidental fertilization from air pollution. A recent study identified how this unwanted dose of nitrogen nutrients harms plants and disrupts aquatic environments in 38 U.S. national parks. Read more

Antarctic Island Heavily Trashed

There appears to be no limit to our polluting ways. At the multinational base at King George Island, in the South Shetland Islands just off the coast of the Antarctic Peninsula, tipping and unsafe storage practices have led to pollution — a new and damning report details these findings. Discovery News’ Kieran Mulvaney led an expedition to the island in 1995 — it seems little has changed.

Artist Claudio Garzón was building a curriculum for a summer art course in Los Angeles when the idea struck. He remembered reading about a soldier in Afghanistan who created action figures out of bottle caps so he tried it himself.

Only instead of bottle caps, Garzón used plastic debris gathered from walks along the Los Angeles River. Dubbing his initial sculptures “Plastikobots,” he began teaching art students how to make their own with the intention that they’d learn about ocean conservation at the same time.

“When the signs are out there, how could you turn a blind eye?” he said. Here’s a look at Garzón’s steampunk art made from plastic trash.

Incredible artwork — the turtles are spectacular. For more of Garzón’s steampunk creations, check out the slide show…

The plans are risky, the timeline delayed and the weather is worsening. The ship may not survive another winter, but rather than completing the salvage by January, they’re delaying until next spring.


Costa Concordia Salvage Delayed

The stricken Costa Concordia cruise liner, which lies partially submerged near the coast of Giglio, will spend another winter in the waters off the tiny Tuscan island.

"I believe a structural collapse of the ship’s beam and a plunge into deep waters is very likely," Capt Barbini said.

not good…

scientists cut open the stomachs of 67 northern fulmars, a type of seabird, which had died and been beached on the coasts of British Columbia, Washington and Oregon […] Nearly 93 percent of the birds harbored plastic in their stomachs, the research team reported in the journal Marine Pollution Bulletin. And each bird contained an average of nearly 37 pieces of plastic. One bird had 454 pieces in its stomach.

Read more of Emily Sohn’s article, “Pacific NW Seabirds Stuffed Full of Plastic

Pacific Plastic Soup 100-fold Increase

The killer soup of microplastic threatens to alter the ocean’s natural environment.

The vast swirl of plastic waste floating in the North Pacific has increased 100-fold over the last 40 years, according to a research paper published Wednesday.

And scientists warned the killer soup of microplastic — particles smaller than five millimeters (one inch) — threatened to alter the open ocean’s natural environment.

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Could Air Pollution Be Making Us Fat?

A new hypothesis proposes that rising levels of CO2 in the atmosphere may be contributing to the obesity epidemic.

The idea proposes that breathing in extra COmakes blood more acidic, which in turn causes neurons that regulate appetite, sleep and metabolism to fire more frequently. As a result, we might be eating more, sleeping less and gaining more weight, partly as a result of the air we breathe.

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