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Tau Ceti e: Another Interstellar Target?"Tau Ceti is about 12 light-years away, and with the right instrumentation, we will be able to make a spectroscopic analysis of the atmospheres of planets there," Gilster said. "If we discover a biosignature indicating life is present, this will clearly make such a planet a priority for any future probes. A probe like this could get into space in the next two decades if funding emerges."

As we discover more and more exoplanets, it seems that it’s only a matter of time until we find a world with similar characteristics to Earth. But would there be a demand to send a probe there? Discovery News had a fascinating chat with co-founder of the Tau Zero Foundation to find out more.

The Mars Curse: Missions That Never Made It

Even after 50 years of flying probes to Mars, it is a battle every time to have one arrive safely. More often than not Earthlings lose.

Even if the engineering is perfect, Mother Nature has a mean streak on Mars. “The atmosphere blooms. You can get dust storms. You can get wind. We don’t have the capability to predict those things,”

Hey even if a dust storm destroys the probe at least our math is right… right? Guys? *chuckle*

see the many failures…